The Press

This past week the Vicarage phone has been ringing more than usual! I have felt a little bit like the girl in the Harmony hairspray you remember them:
"Is she or isn't she"?

How do we respond when there appears to be  such media interest in who will join the Ordinariate?
"NO COMMENT"!  (yawn).
Or: "I'm off... left last week, actually...spending some gardening leave on my yacht in Bermuda"?

The truth is plain and simple: Parish groups up and down the land are exploring and through the God given process of discernment, contemplating just what all this might mean...there is a published timetable and as Ainger's hymn goes: 'Nearer and nearer draws the time, the time that shall surely be...'

The Southend Echo reported that parishes in The Chelmsford Diocese, along with their clergy and 300 folk are going. The report also named some of the parishes, one according to their tried and tested methods of research being Billericay...May I suggest to any reporters who may stumble across this little blog to contact the Billericay parish...they will tell you every thing you need to know...absolutely everything!?!

Fr Lee Bennett and myself are reported to have criticised The Bishop of Brentwood...complete and utter unfounded nonsense!  A story is not a story unless it's spiced up a little? Fr Bennett and I (I can't speak for the clergy at Billericay), are NOT IN TRAINING as stated...we are both too busy running our parishes and would never stoop so low as to criticise the Bishop in such a public manner!

I hope that has cleared a few things where reporting has been twisted to suit the sale of newspapers!

This week The Church Times was a little more accurate. They asked me and I told them...they published and I have nothing to complain about...thank you Ed Beaven, and yes, I am wearing Harmony...
(lucky, I guess, at my age to still have some hair to spray)!

Be careful then, my friends of what you read and what you believe to be true...


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