A shared vision for the Unity of Christ's Church

We have enjoyed a very fruitful relationship with the local RC parish since my arrival at Hockley 5 1/2 years ago, everything from shared Lent study, May devotions, pilgrimages to Lourdes, Aylseford Priory
(to venerate S. Teresa's Relics), preaching and yes, even...wait for it...(cue) lightening strike & clap of thunder-a church sharing agreement! Thank you Fr Gerry!

 We have socialised, (hic) and both parish priests have celebrated their 50th birthdays (hic) these past two years...our people have raised church funds by arranging joint Summer fetes...
I could go on and on as I did at the FIF National assembly in 2008, but I won't. Instead I am  going to invite the RC priest, Fr Gerry Drummond, to post something from his perspective, of our shared journey , so do look out for his post!

The most important point : We have grown together in faith, hope and love...The Ordinariate comes suddenly like the rushing wind at Pentecost and Hockley's Upper Room is found ready and waiting?

The invitation from the Holy Father for many of us, is the answer to our prayerful desire for unity.
A family that prays together stays together? And so the prospect of an Ordinariate in Hockley is not only exciting but a completely natural development in which faithful catholic minded Anglicans can answer the high priestly prayer of the Lord with confidence for the future. This is our prayer: May we all be one, just as the Father and the Son are completely one in the unity of the Holy Spirit (who has been working his purpose out here in the land of the white van for quite some time now)!

May I thank the local Catholic community for all your love prayers and support over these past 5 years, not least for the use of S. Pius X, as we at Hockley continue to explore what this all might mean? To the Glory of God the Father.


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