What's in a name?


If you were to 'Google', your name, I wonder what weird and wonderful information would be retrieved by the mechanics of cyberspace?

'Jeff Woolnough', is a much famed American Sci- Fi film director and his pages override any searches made for yours truly, unless of course you prefix Rev. or Father, when it  all seems to get very interesting!?!

This evening, after a tip-off, I trawled the www. in search of some bad-mouthing regarding my journey of faith. Lurking on protestant - minded blogs are ill -informed comments about myself and dear brother priest colleagues who are contemplating life within the new Ordinariate structure. Tempting as it is to comment, I must remember to remain Christ-like in my responses to such provocation...Sticks and Stones...

At local level too, some of whom who I considered friends are making ugly noises;
(et tu Brute)?


In the name of Our Blessed Saviour,
I implore all those who appear to have such a problem with the decision of those who are to join the Ordinariate, to be mindful of their own Christian integrity when making public comments?

Pax vobiscum


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