A line drawn in the sand?

The Holy Father's extraordinary invitation to set up Personal Ordinariate parishes for Former Anglicans has been received with great joy by those who have sent an RSVP marked 'yes'.

However, many who claim to believe all that the Catholic Church teaches still remain in the Church of England, perhaps waiting to see what happens to those entering via the 'first wave'? C'mon in folks the water is lovely and you will be warmly welcomed that's for certain! Whatever the hesitancy, uncertainty, let me encourage you to review again the tenants of the Catholic faith, which is Petrine to its very core.
Claims of Catholicity minus the Petrine ministry are truly on shaky ground.You don't need me to remind you of that?

A line has now been drawn in the sand.

From an ecumenical viewpoint this could be very helpful in facilitating Christian fellowship to prosper between Anglicans and Catholics? The Church of England may be a broad church but when push comes to shove, her catholic- minded members are now stuck between a rock and a hard place, with  a very important invitation to ponder very prayerfully for what it truly is; an opportunity to return to the fold.

No more grey, fuzzy areas: at last, a real opportunity for ecumenism to flourish?

It is my prayer that this will be the case for all Christians in Hockley!


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