Looking forward...

We are preparing for the first Sunday of Lent, worshipping at
 St Teresa' s, Rochford. Fr Gerry and his parishioners of St Teresa's and St Pius
 have been so very warm in their welcome; thank you one and all!

Fr Gerry acknowledges 'Deacon' Keith at the Ordination of Priests at Westminster Cathedral in January. Sunday 13th March they will celebrate at the altar of St Teresa's, Rochford together as Catholic Priest's at the 10.30am Mass. It doesn't get much better than this. Lee Bennett, BobWhite and Jeff Woolnough, will, God willing also be ordained in May (Deacon's) June (Priest's).

We do look forward to Sunday's 10.30am Mass celebrated by The Ordinary, Fr Keith Newton. Coffee will be served afterwards in the Church Centre just behind the church. An opportunity to chat with those who will become, I'm certain, great friends!  By the way, Saturday evening 12th March we are invited to a lively social to celebrate  St Patrick's Day at the same church centre.
Do get in touch if you'd like to go? 07956 801381. (Jeff Woolnough's mobile)

Remember that the coaches will start to board from 3pm (Hockley Library) leaving just before 3.30pm. for the Rite of Election at Brentwood Cathedral. The serevice begins at 4.30pm. Hope to see you all at both services. Please pray for Father Lee's group meeting at Holy Family, Benfleet. We look forward to seeing you all at Brentwood Cathedral.

Brentwood Cathedral


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