This Week at Hockley

                            Tuesday evening RCIA-Evangelium 7.30pm
                                  at Kilnfield House, Hockley.

Weds 7.30pm St Pius X  Stations of the Cross led by Fr Jeff
Friday morning liturgy at St Pius X, cancelled so that we can attend the Funeral Mass of the late Christine Thompson RIP at Our Lady of Ransom, Rayleigh 10.30am.

                                       SOCIAL for the Boys (and girls)

Ordinariate Boys Club meets 12 noon at Fr Jeff's Saturday morning for a helping of very severe's Spurs V West Ham, live on TV. I'm expecting Paul & Warick, (Spurs fans), so I need to balance things by asking for some Hammers fans to balance the volume in the Vicarage living room?  C'mon you Irons!


Don't worry Fr Jeff, I will be bringing my father-in-law to make up the numbers for the Hammers!!!
We are on the march with Father Keith's and Harry's army...
Steady, Smiffy''s only a commercial!
Not the result we wanted (or deserved!!!) but a great time was had by all.

Thanks your hospitality Fr Jeff!!!

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