Happy Christmass

Dear friends, what a year it has been for us who made the decision to leave the Church of England for the Church IN England, The ONE holy Catholic and Apostolic Church!

Our journey, although at times hazardous, has never lacked direction and last Sunday (Advent IV) we welcomed The Right Reverend Monsignor Newton to our Mass at Hockley. Monsignor Keith reminded us that joining this new branch of the Catholic Church had been an adventure but one that some had misunderstood? To join the Ordinarite means staying with your group to help carry out its missionary purpose as set out by Pope Benedict in Anglicanorum coetibus.

The new year will see a second wave of clergy and faithful laity seeking full communion with the Holy See. The opportunities and potential are endless my friends. Thank God then we spend our first Christmas as Catholic Christians, sharing in that full communion once only dreamed of?

A very Happy and Holy Christmas to you all. Midnight Mass (beginning at 11.30pm at St Pius X Hockley in the very heart of the village community...the first, I believe ever; the Church will be packed: an example of the missionary purpose of the Ordinariate!

My prayers for you all and for those still discerning the journey...do not be afraid, there is only one God...and only ONE Church! Deo Gratias.

Fr Jeff Woolnough Priest in Charge of Hockley Ordinariate and the Parish of St Peter's Eastwood


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