Sunday 26th April 2015

4th Sunday of  Easter 
10.30am. Ordinariate Mass at Hockley
Celebrant & Preacher Fr. Jeff Woolnough


The celebration of Good Shepherd Sunday is an opportunity to pray that the Lord will raise up more people to inspire the Church as priests and consecrated women and men. This is a moment of prayer for these specific vocations and these resources are offered to help you foster that prayer.
The focus this year is on how a vocation to be a religious or a priest changes not only the life of the person called but also the life of those to whom they will minister. Above all, this is a moment to invite everyone to be involved in the process of changing lives through their prayer for vocations. Coupled with the nurturing atmosphere in their homes, parishes and schools this will enable those who are called to respond to such a vocation.

Everybody is involved in the work of this Sunday, a time of grace for all the faithful as we pray together that the Lord will change lives by raising up more ordained and consecrated people.
WHEN A PERSON ACCEPTS THE CALL OF CHRIST to be a priest or a religious, their life is changed. But so are the lives of thousands of people who will be touched through their ministry. Lives are changed through the preaching of a priest, through the care of a religious sister or brother, through the prayers offered by enclosed nuns and monks. In these ways, a life changed in turn changes many lives. Completing this virtuous circle is the prayer of lay people for vocations to the priesthood and religious life, combined with the encouragement of those they know who are considering such a vocation. This too can change a life.

Happy Good Shepherd Sunday


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