Sunday 21st February 2016

2nd  Sunday of  Lent
11am. Sung Mass at St John Fisher Catholic Church
Home to the Southend Ordinariate Mission
Celebrant Fr. Jeff Woolnough - Preacher Deacon Richard Cerson
Jesus is on his way to Jerusalem…
Dear friends,
We hear in our Gospel text today, the story of the Transfiguration. Although the feast of the Transfiguration falls on August 6th, we are given it’s transforming power in Lent to strengthen our faith and to help us understand  the true significance of that supernatural event!
The Transfiguration is an epiphany, a moment of revelation to the disciples of who Jesus truly is. The symbols of the cloud , the dazzling clothes and the presence of Moses and Elijah emphasise the divine presence, but at the heart of it we find the Cross, the passing to glory which awaits Jesus in Jerusalem.
This revelation marks the beginning of Jesus’ ministry in Judea and Jerusalem, just as his Baptism stands at the start of his ministry in Galilee. It also prepares the disciples for Jesus being rejected and crucified, but when they have received the Spirit, they will become ministers of the Word. (this all ties in nicely to our new Diocesan initiative where some are called to be Stewards of the Gospel, in this present age). Peter wants to enshrine the divine presence in a tent, yet God cannot be contained in this way!  I pray that this will sharpen our desire to be still in the presence of the Lord in our Churches and encourage us all to pay regular visits to the Blessed Sacrament ? Remember that St. Peter’s is open daily for the opportunity to bask in the light of his presence…
With my prayers that we may continue to keep this penitential season a grace-filled one!
Trust and Believe, be transformed!
Fr. Jeff


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