Sunday 6th March 2016


4th  ‘Laetare Sunday’ of Lent

(Mothering Sunday)

11am. Sung Mass at St John Fisher Catholic Church

Celebrant, Fr. Bob White

Intention: Fr. Ivor Morris RIP

 Bless me Father for I have sinned…

Dear friends,

Welcome to ‘Laetare Sunday’ where we give special thanks for our Mother’s, on this their special day: we also recognise our sinfulness before the Throne of Grace. Confession plays an important part in the spiritual life of the practicing Catholic and we should all take time to reflect and make good use of the wonderful sacrament of mercy forgiveness and love which is at the heart of the theme in today’s Gospel reading.

From VATICAN CITY : As Catholics are encouraged to make going to confession a significant part of their lives during Lent, Pope Francis offered some quick tips to help people prepare for the sacrament of penance.

After a brief explanation of why people should go to confession — “because we are all sinners” — the pope listed 30 key questions to reflect on as part of making an examination of conscience and being able to “confess well. The guide is part of a 28-page booklet in Italian released by the Vatican publishing house. Pope Francis had 50,000 free copies distributed to people attending his Angelus address Feb. 22, the first Sunday of Lent. Titled “Safeguard your heart,” the booklet is meant to help the faithful become “courageous” and prepared to battle against evil and choose the good.

The booklet contains quick introductions to Catholic basics: it has the text of the Creed, a list of the gifts of the Holy Spirit, the Ten Commandments, and the Beatitudes. It explains the seven sacraments and includes Pope Francis’ explanation of “lectio divina,” a prayerful way of reading Scripture in order to better hear “what the Lord wants to tell us in his word and to let us be transformed by his Spirit.”

The booklet’s title is based on a line from one of the pope’s morning Mass homilies in which he said Christians need to guard and protect their hearts, “just as you protect your home — with a lock.”

Fr. Jeff will be utilising this material in his introduction to the Deanery Reconciliation Service at St Peter's RC Church Eastwood Parish on Thursday at 7.30pm. The Deanery priests look forward to welcoming you to the Sacrament of Reconciliation.

With every blessing

Fr. Jeff


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