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22nd Sunday in Ordinary Time

Southend Area Ordinariate Mass Times

Sunday 28th August

10.30am St Pius X Hockley Celebrant Fr Bob White

6pm Holy Family South Benfleet Celebrant Fr Lee Bennett

Please see pewsheets for times of the weekday masses

So very Hockley...Sunday afternoon 21st August

This Sunday from 1.30pm. The Hockley Ordinariate Parish at the kind invitation of Stuart and Sue Page invite her members to 'PIMMS on the Lawn', at one of Hockley's most magnificent houses, Eastview Church Road (at the junction of Church Road Folly Lane). A chance to catch up and enjoy a lovely social as our Parish groups begin to establish themselves as part of God's One Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church. it would be great to see our friends from South Benfleet?

Please contact Hockley's Fund Raising Team co-ordinator: Celia Fagence who will be delighted to reserve places to what is a ticket only event. 01702 202956.

SUNDAY 21st August 21st Sunday in Ordinary Time: Fr Bob White is celebrating the Hockley Ordinariate Mass at St Pius X 10.30am. Fr Lee Bennett celebrates the South Benfleet Ordinariate Mass at Holy Family church 6pm. All welcome, especially enquirers.

Fr Jeff returns to parish duty on Sunday September 4th (We begin to use the New Translation of the R…

The Church to which we belong...

The following is taken from the booklet, "Faith and common sense", + Imprimatur: Most Reverend John F. Whealon, Archbishop of Hartford:

After Christ left this world, His Church did spring into action, fully prepared to carry on His work. This Church was not something vague in character. Christ said precisely what He wanted it to be. His Church was to be built upon the Apostles. It would continue down to the end of time in the same way, ruled by the successors of the Apostles. That is perhaps the clearest thing of all.

He also intended it to be one Church, not a number of churches. The Church He had in mind was to be for all men. It would work for their sanctification and salvation. These qualities were so clearly built into the Church that they were marks setting off the true Church of Christ from all other institutions claiming the name. Catholics say that these marks are unity, catholicity, holiness and apostolicity.

When we examine the early Church as it a…

Blessed be Her Glorious Assumption...



Fr Jeff will be celebrating the following Sunday Masses:

Sat 13th Vigil Mass 5.30pm St Teresa's Rochford. Confessions heard at 5pm.

Sun 14th St Pius X 9am & St Teresa's 10.30am.

PLEASE NOTE: THERE IS NO 10.30am at ST PIUS X - we join with our friends at St Teresa's.

Fr Lee Bennett will be celebrating 6pm Sunday Evening Ordinariate Mass at Holy Family Benfleet

Ave, ave, ave Maria!

Our Lady's prayers and our opportunity to pray

With the current crisis on our city streets an Apocalyptic vision is brought scarily to life!

May we use this time of Novena prayerfully and wisely as we prepare to celebrate The Assumption of Our Blessed Lady. England is her dowry, we are her children.

At no time in our recent history has the law of Moses been most necessary to recall and to live by...thou shalt not kill, steal or covet; Honour thy Father and Mother...

To this end the Blessed Sacrament will be exposed for prayerful adoration at St Pius X this Saturday August 13th from 10.45am-1pm.

Hockley, on the surface, is a quiet and peaceful area. We are fortunate indeed not to have endured the awful events of this week. I do hope that many will come and pay a visit to pray for peace, for our police, ambulance, and fire crews; for the future of our young people in this land.

19th Sunday in Ordinary Time-The Ordinariate CANNOT FAIL!!!



5.30pm (6th Aug Saturday) Vigil & 10.30am St Teresa's Rochford Celebrant Fr Jeff Woolnough
St Pius X Hockley 9am & 10.30am Celebrant Fr Bob White

Holy Family 6pm. Celebrant Fr Lee Bennett

HOCKLEY ORDINARIATE: Please note that next Sunday Assumption 14th August: 5.30pm St Teresa's 9am St Pius X 10.30am St TERESA's All masses celebrated by Fr Jeff Woolnough. NO 10.30am Mass at ST PIUS X on this Sunday-we celebrate with St Teresa's Rochford.


Some foolish people are willing the Ordinariate to fail, setting up Facebook profiles to whinge, moan and groan. Yawn! 'Ordinariate, fail'? It cannot, quite simply because WE ARE part of the Roman Catholic Church!

- WE ARE in full communion with the Holy See and thus the Sacraments are valid beyond any doubt or question. Our membership is growing steadily and for those remaining in the Anglican fold who may believe …