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Sunday 28th December

The Holy Family
Ordinariate Mass at Hockley 10.30 am. Celebrant & Preacher Fr. Jeff Woolnough

Masses at St. Peter's Eastwood: 8.30 & 10am Evening Mass 6pm.

24th December

10pm at St. Pius X, Hockley, the Ordinariate celebrates The FirstMass of Christmas-Liturgy of Midnight. Celebrant & preacher, Fr. Bob White.Fr Jeff celebrates the 6pm vigil and 12 am Midnight Mass at Eastwood.  Christmas Day at Hockley 9am Diocesan Mass with  Fr Gerry Drummond Christmas Day St. Peter's, Eastwood, 8.30 & 10am Masses with Fr Jeff A Very Blessed Feast to you all !

December 21st 2014

4th Sunday of Advent
10.30 am Solemn Mass at HockleyCelebrant & preacher, Fr. Bob White The Mystery Kept Secret: Scott Hahn Reflects on the Fourth Sunday in AdventReadings 2 Samuel 7:1-58-11,16 Psalm 89:2-5,27,29 Romans 16:25-27 Luke 1:26-38
What is announced to Mary in today’s Gospel is the revelation of all that the prophets had spoken. It is, as Paul declares in today’s Epistle, the mystery kept secret since before the foundation of the world (see Ephesians 1:93:3-9). Mary is the virgin prophesied to bear a son of the house of David (see Isaiah 7:13-14). And nearly every word the angel speaks to her today evokes and echoes the long history of salvation recorded in the Bible. Mary is hailed as the daughter Jerusalem, called to rejoice that her king, the Lord God, has come into her midst as a mighty savior (see Zephaniah 3:14-17). The One whom Mary is to bear will be Son of “the Most High” - an ancient divine title first used to describe the God of …

Pilgrimage of thanksgiving!

AN INVITATION To celebrate 10 years of Fr. Jeff's ministry to the people of Hockley we are planning a 4 night pligrimage to Rome staying at 1st-4th June 2015. Let me know if you're interested in joining us?ASAP!!
Fr. Jeff snapped with Hockley's Callum Turner recenty at St. Pius X. We are praying that dear Callum will soon benefit from the transplant that he so needs ? God bless all who I have the great privilege to minister to...I hope that you might share in the thanksgiving pilgrimage next year? Do get in touch.

14th December, 3rd Sunday of Advent

GAUDETE! Solemn Mass at Hockley 10.30am Celebrant and Preacher: Fr. Jeff Woolnough

December 14th 2014 – Third Sunday in Advent One Who is Coming Readings Isaiah 61:1-2, 10-11 Luke 1:46-50, 53-54 1 Thessalonians 5:16-24 John 1:6-8, 19-28
Advent Reflection for the 3rd Sunday by Dr. Scott Hahn
The mysterious figure of John the Baptist, introduced in last week’s readings, comes into sharper focus today. Who he is, we see in today’s Gospel, is best understood by who he isn’t. He is not Elijah returned from the heavens (see 2 Kings 2:11), although like him he dresses in the prophet’s attire (see Mark 1:6; 2 Kings 1:8) and preaches repentance and judgment (see 1 Kings 18:21; 2 Chronicles 21:12-15). Not Elijah in the flesh, John is nonetheless sent in the spirit and power of Elijah to fulfill his mission (see Luke 1:17; Malachi 3:23-24). Neither is John the prophet Moses foretold, although he is a kinsman and speaks God’s word (see Deuteronomy 18:15-19; John 6:14). Nor is …

Sunday 7th December

Second of Advent
Ordinariate 10.30am. Solemn Mass at HockleyCelebrant & preacher Fr. Bob White

Straighten the Path: Scott Hahn Reflects on the Second Sunday in Advent Readings:
Isaiah 40:1-59-11
Psalm 85:9-14
2 Peter 3:8-14
Mark 1:1-8 Our God is coming. The time of exile - the long separation of humankind from God due to sin - is about to end. This is the good news proclaimed in today’s liturgy. Isaiah in today’s First Reading promises Israel’s future release and return from captivity and exile. But as today’s Gospel shows, Israel’s historic deliverance was meant to herald an even greater saving act by God - the coming of Jesus to set Israel and all nations free from bondage to sin, to gather them up and carry them back to God. God sent an angel before Israel to lead them in their exodus towards the promised land (see Exodus 23:20). And He promised to send a messenger of the covenant, Elijah, to purify the people and turn their hearts to the Father before the day of the Lord (see Ma…

Sunday 30th November 2014

1st Sunday of Advent
Ordinariate Mass at Hockley, 10.30 am.Celebrant & Preacher, Fr. Bob White

A reflection for this Sunday by my friend, Dr.Scott Hahn:

Watch For Him Readings:
Isaiah 63:16-1719Psalm 80:2-315-1618-191 Corinthians 1:3-9Mark 13:33-37The new Church year begins with a plea for God’s visitation. “Oh that you would rend the heavens and come down,” the prophet Isaiah cries in today’s First Reading.
In today’s Psalm, too, we hear the anguished voice of Israel, imploring God to look down from His heavenly throne - to save and shepherd His people. Today’s readings are relatively brief. Their language and “message” are deceptively simple. But we should take note of the serious mood and penitential aspect of the Liturgy today - as the people of Israel recognize their sinfulness, their failures to keep God’s covenant, their inability to save themselves. And in this Advent season, we should see our own lives in the experience of Israel. As we …

Sunday November 23 2014

Christ the Universal King Solemn Mass 10.30 am. St. Pius X, HockleyCelebrant and Preacher: Fr. Jeff Woolnough

Today we celebrate the Feast of Christ the King, the last Sunday of ordinary time.  The image of kingship and kingdom, like most of the images used to describe Christ, is rich and multifaceted.  All of today’s readings, however, either feature or allude to a certain dimension of Christ’s kingly power: his role as Judge.  Ezekiel, describing the Lord as a royal shepherd, reports that the Lord “will judge between one sheep and another, between rams and goats” (Ez 34:17).  The Gospel of Matthew makes the link between King, Shepherd, and Judge even clearer when it describes the Son of Man seated “upon his royal throne” (25:31) and separating the nations “as a shepherd separates sheep from goats” (25:32).  In the reading from 1 Corinthians, Christ does not separate any sheep, but he does destroy every “sovereignty, authority, and power” (1Cor 15:25) hostile to himself, so that “God…

Sunday 16th November 2014

33rd in Ordinary Time
10.30am. Sung Mass at St. Pius X HockleyCelebrant & Preacher, Fr. Bob White

Using our talents wisely…
In Today’s Gospel reading  we listen to one of Jesus’ most significant parables regarding work , set in the context of investments (Matt. 25:14-30). A rich man delegates the management of his wealth to his servants, much as investors in today’s markets do. He gives five talents (one talent = £12,000) to the first servant, two talents to the second, and one talent to the third. Two of the servants earn 100 percent returns by trading with the funds, but the third servant hides the money in the ground and earns nothing. The rich man returns, rewards the two who made money, but severely punishes the servant who did nothing.
The meaning of the parable extends far beyond financial investments. God has given each person a wide variety of gifts, and he expects us to employ those gifts in his service. It is not acceptable merely to put those gifts on a closet shelf and i…

Anglicanorum Cœtibus anniversary

Anglicanorum Cœtibus anniversary4 November was the fifth anniversary of the promulgation of the Apostolic Constitution, Anglicanorum Cœtibus, which allowed for the setting up of the ordinariates.The Personal Ordinariate of Our Lady of Walsingham was established here in the UK in January 2011. This was followed by the Personal Ordinariate of the Chair of St Peter in the US in January 2012 and the Personal Ordinariate of Our Lady of the Southern Cross in June 2012. The anniversary was marked by several commentaries.  Mgr Andrew Burnham, former Anglican Bishop of Ebbsfleet and now Assistant to the Ordinary of the Personal Ordinariate of Our Lady of Walsingham, wrote in The National Catholic Register in the US. To read the piece click here
The National Catholic Register also published an overview of the ordinariates five years afterAnglicanorum Cœtibus, by Charlotte Hayes. To read the piece click here The Ordinary of the Personal Ordinariate of the Chair of St Peter, Mgr Jeffrey Steenson, wrote…

Sunday 9th November

The Feast of Dedication on the Lateran Basilica(Remembrance Sunday) Solemn Requiem Mass for the War Dead at St Pius X 10.30am Celebrant & Preacher Fr. Jeff Woolnough
Remembrance Sunday falls on the Sunday nearest Armistice Day, 11 November, which marks the end of the First World War. On this day we remember all those who gave their lives for their country, all who suffered and died through acts of war and those who were left behind to grieve and mourn. In England and Wales our Bishops conference has permitted that one Mass for the Dead may be celebrated on this Sunday. At St. Peter’s Eastwood, this celebration will take place at the 10am, the sung mass of the day and at Hockley 10:30am. We will remember them. Let us pray For peace and reconciliation between nations; that enemies may put aside all differences. For all those who have died through war or acts of violence; may we never forget their sacrifice. Prayer O God, merciful and strong, who crush wars and cast down the proud, be plea…

Sunday 2nd November 2014

The Solemnity of All Saints
Solemn Mass at Hockley 10.30 am.Celebrant & Preacher, Fr. Bob White.

'We feebly struggle, they in glory shine...'

+ Monday 3rd November, The Commemoration of  All The Faithful Departed, ( All Souls). Masses at Eastwood 9.30am  12 noon & 7.30pm

Sunday 26th October

30th in Ordinary Time  Sung Mass at St. Peter, Eastwood SS9 4BX
Celebrant & Preacher, Fr. Jeff Woolnough - Priest in Charge

No Ordinariate Mass at Hockley today

with thanks to Manchester Evening News!

Sunday 19th October

29th in Ordinary Time
10.30am.  Sung Mass at St. Pius X, Hockley
Celebrant & Preacher, Fr. Jeff Woolnough - Ordinariate Pastor

Gospel text: Matt 22:15-21

Sunday 12th October

28th Sunday in Ordinary Time
10.30am. Sung Mass at HockleyCelebrant & Preacher - Fr. Bob White

Today's Gospel text: Matthew 22: 1-14

Our Patron's Feast!

Feast of Blessed John Henry Newman 
Thursday 9th  October 2014 The Hockley Group will celebrate a Mass in thanksgiving for the life of BJHN 9am Friday 10th at St Pius X.
Many of the Ordinariate groups across the country will be celebrating the feast of their patron, Blessed John Henry Newman, this Thursday, 9 October. The Ordinary, Mgr Keith Newton, will celebrate Mass according to the Ordinariate Use at the Ordinariate's central church, Our Lady of the Assumption and St Gregory, Warwick Street W1B 5LZ at 7.00pm. The guest preacher will be Fr Michael Lang Cong. Orat. the parish priest at the London Oratory and the Mass setting will be Howells' Collegium Regale. The Mass will be followed by refreshments provided by the Friends of the Ordinariate, a charity which supports the Ordinariate's work.

Sunday 5th October 2014

27th In Ordinary Time 10.30 am. Sung Ordinariate Mass at Hockley
Celebrant & Preacher Fr. Jeff Woolnough
A picture speaks a thousand words?

Sunday 28th September

26th in Ordinary Time. The Hockley Mission gathers at Eastwood for the 10am Sung Mass. Celebrant and Preacher - The Ordinary.  Brunch served in the New Mazenod Hall after mass.
Do join us and take the opportunity to meet and speak to Monsignor Keith Newton.
The Ordinary presiding at Solemn Vespers and Benediction, S. James, Spanish Place.

Happy Feast Day!

Wednesday 24th SeptemberFeast Day Mass at Holy Family Benfleet 7pm Celebrant Monsignor Keith Newton-Ordinary. All Welcome!
Prayer to Our Lady of Walsingham

O Mary, recall the solemn moment
when Jesus, your divine Son,
dying on the cross
confided us to your maternal care.

You are our Mother;
we desire ever to remain your devout children.

Let us therefore feel the effects
of your powerful intercession with Jesus Christ.

Make your name again glorious in this place,
once renowned throughout our land
by your visits, favours and many miracles.

Pray, O Holy Mother of God,
for the conversion of England,
restoration of the sick,
consolation for the afflicted,
repentance of sinners,
peace to the departed.

O Blessed Mary, Mother of God,
Our Lady of Walsingham,
intercede for us. Amen

Sunday 21st September

The weekend of 20th  & 21st is our national festival and the Hockley Mission is attending the 10.30am Sunday Mass at Warwick Street.  NB: no mass at St Pius on that day!Next Sunday 28th September the Hockley mission gathers for the 10am Sung Mass at Eastwood, Celebrant & Preacher Monsignor Keith Newton.The Ordinariate holds its first "Festival" over this weekend. The main proceedings are on Saturday 20 September in Westminster Cathedral Hall, beginning at 10.30am. The guest of honour at the Festival will be His Eminence Vincent Nichols, Cardinal Archbishop of Westminster and Leader of the Catholic Church in England and Wales. Cardinal Nichols will deliver an address on how the Ordinariate fits into the life and mission of the wider Catholic Church in the United Kingdom.

24th September-Feast of Our Lady of Walsingham

Southend Area Ordinariate The Feast of Our Lady of Walsingham Day of Obligation for members of the Ordinariate Wednesday 24th September 2014 Solemn Concelebrated Mass 7pm Chief Celebrant- Monsignor Keith Newton-Ordinary Preacher- Father Hugh Allan, O Praem, superior of the Norbertines Holy Family Catholic Church, Benfleet 661 High Rd, Benfleet SS7 5SF

Sunday 14th September

The Exaltation of The Holy Cross
Solemn Mass at Hockley 10.30amCelebrant & Preacher Fr. Jeff Woolnough

Lift high the Cross, the love of Christ proclaim,  'til all the world adore, his sacred name!

'Called to be One' film

The 'Called to be One', exploration day was well received at Hockley with grateful thanks to all who contributed. Please see below You Tube links to this specially commissioned film about the Ordinariate. God bless you all!

 Part One

Part Two

Father Jeff answering some of the questions raised during the presentation of the Called to be One DVD at St Pius X, Hockley-Home to the Hockley Ordinariate Mission.

A busy September...

September will be a busy month  for members of the Hockley Ordinariate!

This coming Saturday (6th) we host the Called to Be One Day at Hockley (see previous post).
The weekend of 20th  & 21st is the national festival and the Hockley Mission is attending the 10.30am Sunday Mass at Warwick Street, so no mass at St Pius on that day!

The Ordinariate holds its first "Festival" over this weekend. The main proceedings are on Saturday 20 September in Westminster Cathedral Hall, beginning at 10.30am. The guest of honour at the Festival will be His Eminence Vincent Nichols, Cardinal Archbishop of Westminster and Leader of the Catholic Church in England and Wales. Cardinal Nichols will deliver an address on how the Ordinariate fits into the life and mission of the wider Catholic Church in the United Kingdom.

Programme for Saturday 20th September 2104 Ordinariate Festival at Westminster Cathedral Hall
1030 Coffee
1100 Welcome & Review of the Ordinariate
1230 Mass in Cathedral
1330 Lunc…

Friday 5th September

Fr. Jeff is pleased to inform:  ...the 9am Friday morning Ordinariate Mass at St Pius X, Hockley resumes this coming Friday.  All are very welcome and we 'catch- up' over coffee after mass at the Hockley & Hawkwell Day Centre. Our Lady of Walsingham, ora pro nobis.

Saturday 6th September 2pm

'CALLED to be ONE'
The national initiative by the Ordinariate to welcome enquirers and those that just want to learn more about the ecumenical vision of Pope Benedict XVI. This Saturday 6th September, Benfleet and Hockley Mission welcome you to St Pius X  54 Southend Road,Hockley,Essex,SS5 4QH from 2pm. Do come and find our more. Fr Lee Bennett ( Benfleet Mission) will host part one and after 3pm Fr Jeff Woolnough ( Hockley Mission) will present the (rather good) DVD, finishing with Evening Prayer.
All are most definitely welcome.
Contact Fr Jeff on 07956 801381 for further details.
                                             Ordinariate Sunday Mass at Hockley

From the Ordinary

Why we are reaching out to Anglicans longing for unity 
Monday 25th August 2014 November this year will mark the 50th anniversary of the solemn promulgation of the Second Vatican Council Decree on Ecumenism, Unitatis Redintegratio. It still remains the authoritative document of the Catholic Church setting out the principles of ecumenical dialogue, though much of its teaching was expounded by St John Paul II in his encyclical Ut Unum Sint (1995). Its first paragraph makes clear that the restoration of unity among Christian people was one of the major concerns of the Council. But a reading of the documents of Vatican II shows clearly that the bishops meeting in Rome did not deviate from the belief that there is only One Church of Jesus Christ and identified that Church with the Catholic Church in communion with the successor of Peter. This is made clear both in the dogmatic constitution on the Church, Lumen Gentium, and also the decree on ecumenism. The Catholic Church is described as &q…

17th Sunday in Ordinary Time

Sunday 27th July
Hockley Ordinariate Mission 10.30 am Sung Mass at St. Pius XCelebrant & Preacher Fr. Bob White
Important Notice Please Note that during the August Holiday period the Ordinariate  join  the Eastwood Parish Family each Sunday for the 10am Parish Mass at St Peter's.

Matthew 13: 44-52

16th Sunday in Ordinary Time

Sunday 20th July
Hockley Ordinariate Mission 10.30 am Sung Mass at St. Pius XCelebrant & Preacher Fr. Jeff Woolnough, Mission Pastor

Today's Gospel- Matthew 13: 24-43

Now the Church of England has decided on women bishops, ARCIC III is futile. As the CDF says, it is the Ordinariate now which is “ecumenism in the front row” |

Sunday 13th July 2014

15th in Ordinary TimeOrdinariate Sung Mass at Hockley 10.30 am Celebrant and preacher Fr Bob White

What kind of soil are you? Matthew 13:1-23

Sunday 6th July, 14th in Ordinary Time

 Sung Mass at Hockley, 10.30am. 6pm Rosary Cell group, led by Michael Halsall,  meets at the home of Barbara Sanderson.  Please contact Fr. Jeff for details.  07956 801381

Ss Peter and Paul

Hockley folks please take note ...No Hockley Personal Ordinariate mass at St Pius on 29th June.  Remember to bring food and drinks for the  shared lunch after the 10.30am mass, thanks! This WEEKEND AT EASTWOOD 28/29th June PETERTIDE CELEBRATIONS
Holy Day of Obligation. Saturday Vigil Mass of Ss Peter and Paul 6pm followed by drinks Sunday 29th 8.30am Mass 10.30am Sung Mass followed by bring and share lunch. Bring your own beverages, please! 5pm Vespers and Benediction. NO EVENING MASS THIS SUNDAY

Sunday 22nd June

The Most Holy Body and Blood of Christ
The Ordinariate celebrate Sunday Mass at Hockley 10:30am
Celebrant and preacher Fr. Bob White
Tantum ergo sacramentum