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Sunday 26th June

13th Sunday in Ordinary Time 11am. Sung Mass at St. John Fisher Catholic Church Celebrant: Fr. Lee Bennett Our final Sunday at Sty. John Fisher Catholic Church. PLEASE NOTE : From 1st July the Southend Ordinariate Mission will be based permanently at St. Peter's Catholic Church, Eastwood Road North, Leigh on Sea. SS9 4BX. This haunting yet beautiful illustration of Mary, Mother of Jesus is using pathology from the image of the Man on the Turin Shroud.This just might be the real face of Our Lady! A Prayer for the Ordinariate Pilgrimage this weekend to Walsingham
O Mary, recall the solemn moment when Jesus, your divine son, dying on the cross, confided us to your maternal care. You are our mother, we desire ever to remain your devout children.  Let us therefore feel the effects of your powerful intercession with Jesus Christ. Make your name again glorious in the shrine once renowned throughout England by your visits, favours, and many miracles. Pray, O holy mother of God, for the conversion…

Sunday June 19th 2016

12th Sunday in Ordinary Time Sung Concelebrated Mass at St John Fisher Catholic Church Principal Celebrant: Fr. Michael Halsall On this 'Father's Day' let us pray for the eternal soul of a caring daughter, wife and mother, whose life has been cut so tragically short. 'Dear Lord and Father of Mankind, forgive our foolish ways' Jo Cox MP  RIP

Sunday 12 June 2016

11th Sunday in Ordinary Time 11am. Sung Mass at St. John Fisher Catholic Church Celebrant: Fr. Bob White Scott Hahn Reflects on this Sunday's Mass readings... In this Sunday’s readings we are like the fallen king, David, and the woman who weeps at Jesus’ feet.
Like David, the Lord has rescued us from sin and death, anointed us with His Spirit in baptism and in confirmation. He has made us heirs of His promise to the children of Israel.
And like David, and like the woman in the Gospel, we fall into sin. Our crimes may not be as grave as David’s (see 2 Samuel 11:1–26) or as “many” as that woman’s (see Luke 7:47).
But we often squander the great gift of salvation we’ve been given. Often we fail to live up to the great calling of being sons and daughters of God.
The good news of today’s readings, the good news of Jesus Christ, is that we can return to God in the sacrament of confession. Each of us can repeat Paul’s wondrous words in this week’s Epistle: “The Son of God has loved me and given …

Sunday 5th June 2016

Tenth Sunday in Ordinary Time 11am Sung Mass at St John Fisher Catholic Church Celebrant Fr. Bob White THE SOUTHEND MISSION IMPORTANT NEWS… FROM THE FIRST SUNDAY in JULY We shall be based permanently at St. Peter’s Eastwood, both Clergy and people. We would anticipate that most of the group will join the 10.15am Sung Mass congregation although themasses at8.30am and 6pm are of course open to our people as well! There will be a weekly Ordinariate Mass at 7.30pm on a Tuesday evening at St. Peter’s and we shall play a fully integrated part in the parish life, in aliturgical, educational, social andpractical way: most importantly we shall gather with a large group of the faithful every Sunday. Some of the group are already attending Eastwood regularly so it will be good to be together again! We should like to thank the people of St John Fisher for allowing us to use the Church these past 9/10 months. Please do get in touch if you’d like to ask me anything regarding this permanent move. With every b…