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Sunday 1st July

The Ordinariate Group celebrates the Holy Mass at St Peter's Eastwood 10am - Thirteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time.

Sunday Masses at St Peter's 8.30 am 10am Sung   6.30pm.

Fr Jeff Woolnough

Sacramental Assurance

Sweet sacrament we thee adore...The REAL presence

 On this great Solemnity of Ss Peter and Paul we look to the successor of Peter, our Holy Father, Pope Benedict XVI, thanking him from the bottom of our hearts for his vision of Unity and Truth, created in the Personal Ordinariates. What a treasure and gift this is to the Church. Jesus said: You are Peter and on this rock I will build my Church and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it...
Let us pray that many more will accept the gracious invitation to come home to the Catholic Church.

The Solemnity June 29th Ss Peter and Paul

All welcome to the Evening Solemn Mass at St Peter's 7.30pm. Drinks after mass.
Keep the faith...keep the feast!

27th June Southend Area Ordinariate Mass

Our monthly Area Mass will be celebrated this evening, 7.30pm at Holy Family Church, Benfleet 661 High Road SS7 5SF. All welcome!

The Nativity of St. John the Baptist Sunday 24th June

 Solemn Mass at St Peter's 29th June 7.30pmFollowed by drinks.

Eleventh Sunday in Ordinary Time 17th June

The Hockley Ordinaritate celebrates The Holy Sacrifice of the Mass, 10.30am at St Pius X, Hockley, celebrant: Fr. Bob White.
Please note that the following two Sunday Masses will be at St Peter's Eastwood 10am. No 10.30am Sunday Masses at Hockley on 24th and 1st July. Should this prove difficult please attend the 9am Sunday Parish Mass at St Pius X. or the 6pm at Eastwood.

a lovely celebration

Sunday's celebration of Corpus Christi was kept well at Hockley. 
The Ordinariate 10.30am Solemn Mass was well attended and a procession of The Sacred Host through the village is something we could never do at our previous location, with the parish church located well outside of the centre of Hockley! 

A great witness then, to the Catholic Faith and belief in the real presence of Jesus in the Eucharist. After mass we enjoyed drinks on the newly constructed sun terrace at St Pius to celebrate our priest's anniversary of ordination.  15 months down the line and it's the best thing we've ever done;members by gracious invitation of his Holiness Pope Benedict XVI of the Holy Catholic Church. Laus Deo!

Corpus Christi

SUNDAY 10th June

The Hockley Ordinariate celebrates the great Solemnity at St Pius X, Sunday 10th June at 10.30amwith Solemn Mass, Procession of the Sacred Host, concluding with Benediction. Weather Permitting, Drinks will be served on the decking in the garden after mass to celebrate both the feast and  Fr Jeffrey's First Anniversary of Ordination to the  Sacred Priesthood of the Catholic Church. All Welcome!

Rome sweet home...

' would be absolutely intriguing to know how many Mirfield and St Stephen's House graduands from the last 40 years are now CATHOLIC priests. There's work for a statistician? We think the results could be jaw dropping'!

A request for Fr Gerry Drummond...please remind us how many of your year group at Mirfield are now Catholic Priests...estimate will suffice,brother!

Happy Anniversary to , 'The Brentwood Seven'.

This weekend the Ordinariate celebrates the first anniversary of the priesting of the Brentwood Seven:
Frs. Ivor Morris, Jon Ravensadale, David Waller, Rob Page, Bob White, Lee Bennett and
 Jeff Woolnough.
Our warmest congratulations to our newest priest, Fr John Corbyn based at Harlow and ordained last Saturday. 

The Most Holy Trinity

Sunday 3rd June

The Hockley Ordinariate celebrates Holy Mass with the Parish of St Peter's Eastwood, for Trinity Sunday10am. Celebrant Fr Jeff Woolnough.
Prayers for the Queen and sung National anthem at the end of the mass.  Long may she reign!