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Easter Sunday 27 March 2016

The Easter Sunday 11am Mass at St John Fisher is cancelled due to staff sickness
The Southend Ordinariate celebrate Easter Sunday at Eastwood -St. Peter's masses 8:30am 10:15am & 6pm. With sincere apologies for inconvenience caused!

Sunday March 20th 2016

Palm Sunday of the Lord's Passion11am. Solemn Mass at St John Fisher Catholic Church                          Home to the Southend Ordinariate Mission- Celebrant: Fr. Lee Bennett

Members of the Southend Ordinariate celebrate the Triduum at St Peter's Catholic Church Eastwood Holy Thursday 8pm - watch until midnight Liturgy of The Lord's Passion-Good Friday 3pm  Holy Saturday Vigil and First Mass of Easter 7:30pm
Easter Sunday 11am at St John Fisher- celebrant Fr Bob White.
Please see the website for full information

Sunday 13th March 2016

5th Sunday of Lent 11am. Sung Mass at St John Fisher Catholic Church Celebrant, Fr. Jeff Woolnough

Sunday 6th March 2016

4th‘Laetare Sunday’ of Lent
(Mothering Sunday)
11am. Sung Mass at St John Fisher Catholic Church
Celebrant, Fr. Bob White
Intention: Fr. Ivor Morris RIP
 Bless me Father for I have sinned…
Dear friends,
Welcome to ‘Laetare Sunday’ where we give special thanks for our Mother’s, on this their special day: we also recognise our sinfulness before the Throne of Grace. Confession plays an important part in the spiritual life of the practicing Catholic and we should all take time to reflect and make good use of the wonderful sacrament of mercy forgiveness and love which is at the heart of the theme in today’s Gospel reading.
From VATICAN CITY : As Catholics are encouraged to make going to confession a significant part of their lives during Lent, Pope Francis offered some quick tips to help people prepare for the sacrament of penance.
After a brief explanation of why people should go to confession — “because we are all sinners” — the pope listed 30 key questions to reflect on as part of making an exam…