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From the Ordinariate Portal

Worth Reading-  Fr Edwin Barnes, 'Why I became a Catholic':

Fr Edwin Barnes writes at the National Catholic Register:

I had always believed that is what I was — a Catholic, albeit an Anglican one. We said the creeds and expressed our belief in the “one, holy, catholic and apostolic Church.” We were taught that is just what the Church of England was; part of that Catholic Church, separated from a great part of Christendom at the Reformation, but with good reason. We had avoided the excesses and errors of other churches; we were a pure church, one which had “washed its face.” This was just about tenable all the time the Church of England held to Catholic faith and practice. Of course, there were always others in the same Church who disagreed with us, but we had truth on our side. After all, did not every priest at his induction assent to the belief that the Church of England is part of the “one, holy, catholic and apostolic Church”? And had not an archbishop of Canterbury (Geoffrey…

Royal Wedding

From the Ordinariate website: Mgr Keith Newton sends greeting to the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge
Fr Newton sends greetings from the Ordinariate to the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge on the occasion of their marriage. He assures them and all the Royal Family of the prayers of the Ordinariate as they begin their married lives together.  

      See you at the Royal Wedding Party this evening at St Teresa's Parish Centre, Rochford. 6pm start.

BBC Essex Easter Sunday

A few days left on i player to listen to the report of the Hockley receptions and confirmations at Rochford. Starts around 1:08.38

Wanstead visit

This morning, Lee Bennett and yours truly set off on the A127-A12 towards London, arriving at my birthplace and home for 40 years - Wanstead. Along with Rev's. Waller, Ravensadale, Page, Morris & White we shall, God willing be ordained to the Sacred Order of Deacon on May 14th 11am at the fine Church of Our Lady of Lourdes. My brother was married there back in 1988 and I was best man. His daughter, Sophie is one of a team of over 80, yes 80 Altar servers! Bit of a homecoming... Here are some pics of the interior:


After our look around the church it was time for lunch. How could I bring Lee to East London without introducing him to the culinery delight of Pie Mash & Liquor? Off we trotted to Robins in Wanstead High Street. The verdict? YUM!
After a leisurely stroll along Wanstread Village High street and a pint in the Nightingale, Coffee and cake in Belgique...just along from the church! A really good Easter Holiday day out!

If you'd like to come to the ordinations on …

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Rev Jeff Woolnough's Confirmation

Dear friends

I am in debt to Paul Abbott, a parishioner of Our Lady of Ransom, Rayleigh who took many photographs of the Reception and Confirmations at St Teresa's on Holy Thursday when many from The Hockley Ordinariate Group were received into full communion with the Catholic Church. The photo below of yours truly being confirmed by Mosignor Newton with my sponsor and brother in Christ, Fr. Gerry Drummond.

Paul will make available a CD of this extraordinary photo album to those who may be interested? If you had a glimpse of the Album on Easter Day, you'll know that many of you have been caught on camera...the camera does not lie...facial expressions and body language reveal deep joy!

If you'd like a CD leave a comment and I'll sort it!

Surrexit Alleluia!

A very Happy and Holy Easter to all our friends now in full communion with the Catholic Church.

The Vigil Mass of Easter was celebrated with great joy at St Teresa's Rochford this evening. Hope to post photos tomorrow.

It's never too late?

The Ordianariate is up and running! Soon the pastors of the groups will be ordained to serve their people in this distinct branch of the Catholic Church. The Ordinariate will grow and flourish, as it exists for those who have and will travel from the Anglican Church into full communion with the Holy See. The two groups in the Southend Area based at Hockley and South Benfleet should be delighted to receive enquiries from those Anglicans who may be considering the 'journey home', to be a part of this historic and life-changing reconciliation.
We guarantee that you won't regret it!

Contacts: Hockley Pastor: Rev Jeff

South Benfleet Pastor:Rev Lee

Maundy Thursday Pics

I didn't realise that some pics were taken at the Mass of the Lord's Supper!

Here below...

              Foot washing of  Hockley Ordinariate members, Anita, Peter & Maurice

                          The Ordinary confirms Brenda Roache...A happy pilgrim!
                                   Frs Gerry & Keith concelebrating the Mass

Benedict XVI, OUR Pope

Dear friends


On this Solemn Day when we recall and celebrate the Passion and death of our Lord, we do so as Catholics, members of the Universal Church in true communion with The See of Peter. We can now refer to the Holy Father as OUR Pope!!

Our reception and confirmation at the Mass of the Lord's Supper was a humbling and moving experience.
It was wonderful to have Mgr Keith Newton receiving and confirming alongside Fr Gerry!

On such a Holy Night it proved inappropriate to take photographs, especially as not to disturb the vigil watch at Gethsemane. Therefore we shall have a group photo sometime over the Easter celebrations.

Congratulationsone and all to all the Southend area Ordinariate members, of Hockley and South Benfleet which total around's just the beginning. Let's prepare to welcome the second wave!

Hockley reception & confirmations

Dear friends,
this evening, at the Mass of the Lord's Supper, the Hockley Ordinariate group will be received into full communion with the Catholic Church at St Teresa of the Child Jesus, Rochford. We hope to be joined by our Ordinary Mgr Keith Newton.

Please pray for us as we continue to pray for all Christians as the great Triduum begins! It has been a long journey, a pilgrimage of faith for everyone involved. Our thanks extend to Fr Gerry Drummond, our sponsors and the parishioners who have made us all so very welcome...happy are we who are called to his supper.

Photos will follow...

South Benfleet Group Reception-updated

To our dear friends from South Benfleet led by their Pastor, Rev. Lee Bennett, we send our warmest regards with assurance of our prayers as they prepare to be received into full communion with the See of Peter this evening (Holy Monday) at Holy Family RC Church. See Below.


We also pass on our love and prayers to Clifford Churchill, a member of the group whose wife, Helen recently died after along illness.The funeral mass took place this morning at Holy Family. Helen was received at the Hospice before she died.
May she + rest in peace. Amen.

Worth reading...

The Church of England in decline
Follow the link to this article in the Independent...

Sins forgiven!

What a wonderful service of reconciliation our group experienced on Palm Sunday afternoon at St Teresa's.

After a short and prayerful Liturgy of the Word, each and everyone of us made our sacramental confession to one of the six priests deployed at the various confessional stations in the church.

I sensed a wonderful feeling amongst you all of the healing power of the sacrament of reconciliation. For those who were anxious, I trust that your fears were eased by the welcoming and compassionate nature of the clergy?

It has given many the confidence to approach the merciful throne of grace in a more regular way and instilled within us I pray, a holy discipline as we prepare to enter into full communion with the Catholic Church on Holy Thursday. Deo gratias-Thanks be to God!

Mgr Keith's message for Holy Week

Holy Week receptions 15042011
From the Ordinariate eBulletin: As we step into the great week in which the Church recalls the passion, death and resurrection of our Lord, we do so this year with a special poignancy. Until now the Personal Ordinariate of Our Lady of Walsingham has numbered fewer than twenty people. By next Sunday, as we celebrate the great feast of Easter, it will be close to a thousand. The pilgrimage of faith upon which many of you have embarked this year – the repentance of Ash Wednesday, the desert of the Eucharistic Fast during Lent, and the renewal of reception this coming week – is a model, a type, of every Christian’s journey toward the fullness of faith in the kingdom of heaven. As this year we return once more to the fullness of faith found in Christ’s victory over death, we do so in the knowledge that by responding to the call for unity, we deepen our communion with Christ and one another. Those of you who will be received into the full communion of the Catholic…


We are all invited to the Chrism Mass celebrated by Our bishop,Thomas at his Cathedral Church of St Helen, Brentwood-Wednesday in Holy Week 7pm.

 The Ordinariate Clergy will robe in choir dress and be part of the procession...this time next year, God willing, we will be concelebrants! Please make every effort to attend this wonderful liturgy and support  Revd's Waller, Ravensdale, Page, Morris, Bennett, White and yours truly. The next event when the ordinariate congregations gather in celebration at the Cathedral will be June 11th, 11am when our Pastors, shall be ordained to the Sacred Catholic Priesthood. Deo gratias.


                         HOLY WEEK at St Teresa of the Child Jesus, Rochford.

Hockley Ordinariate Group continues to worship at St Teresa's, thanking Fr Gerry and his people for their hospitality and sponsorship!

Palm Sunday 17th April: We begin the journey with our Lord into the mystery of his passion and Death:
St Teresa's 10.30am Procession, Mass and reading of the Passion Gospel.

3pm Reconciliation: We meet to ask God's forgiveness and make our own sacramental confession before our reception into full communion on Holy Thursday.

Holy Monday Mass  7pm. Ecumenical stations of the Cross 8pm.
Holy Tuesday Mass 9.20am
Holy Wednesday Brentwood Diocesan Chrism Mass 7pm. Brentwood Cathedral

Holy Thursday 8pm Mass of the Lord's Supper, washing of feet and ceremonies. Confirmation of Ordinariate candidates. Solemn Watch at the Altar of Repose 'till midnight.

Good Friday10am Stations of the Cross (especially for families).
12.15pm. Ecumenical Walk of Witness (from…

12th April Evangelium -RCIA

Our session this evening, Christian life in the world will be the last before our full reception into the Catholic Church in Holy Week (Holy Thursday 21st April). We have studied together 23 out of the 26 sessions of Evangelium. We shall return post Easter to complete the course: Tues 3rd May Marriage and Holy Orders, Tues 10th May Catholic devotions, Tues 17th May Mary and the Four last things. Congratulations everyone ...Keep the Faith!

Evangelium 5th April Kilnfield House Hockley.

If you arrive a little earlier than usual, say just after 7pm, BBC Essex will join our RCIA group to record an interview about our journey of faith. If you'd like to contribute please make sure that you can make tomorrow evening's meeting. The recording will go out on the Sunday morning breakfast show, TBC.

Not much longer to go, my friends before we are received into Full Communion with The Catholic Church. How good is that?

Ordinariate Day Pilgrimage to Walsingham-July

A date for our Summer diaries!

Ordinary to lead Walsingham pilgrimage:

Monsignor Keith Newton, Ordinary of the Personal Ordinariate of Our Lady of Walsingham, will preside at the Pilgrimage of Reparation and Consecration at the RCNational Shrine of Our Lady of Walsingham on Saturday 16 July 2011. The Mass, celebrated at midday, will be offered in thanksgiving for the foundation of the Ordinariate and for the graces of the State Visit of the Holy Father, Pope Benedict XVI. In the afternoon there will be a procession of the Blessed Sacrament along the Holy Mile to the grounds of the Abbey, where Benediction will be given. Mgr Newton said, ‘This is an ideal opportunity for as many members of the Ordinariate as possible to gather inWalsingham and give thanks for all that will have happened to us over the last six months’.

Let's make sure we at Hockley and South Benfleet organise a full coach of Ordinariate pilgrims for what promises to be a wonderful day!