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Advance Notice-Walsingham 2013

The Hockley Ordinariate is going on a weekday residential Pilgrimage to Walsingham April 2013.
Monday (for supper) 15th -Thursday 18th (after breakfast). Led by Fr Jeff.

Only 20 pilgrim places available: Please contact Fr. Jeff if you'd like to book your place(s)?
T: 07956 801381       e:

Sunday 28th October

30th in Ordinary Time: Hockley Ordinariate

Sung Mass at St Pius X, 10.30am, Celebrant: Fr Bob White.

To mark the beginning of the Year of Faith at St Peter's we have the opportunity to pray with Jesus himself in the Blessed Sacrament. The 40 Hour Devotion begins this Monday 29th October after the 8pm Mass and ending with a Mass of thanksgiving and Benediction on Weds 31st, 12noon. Perpetual Adoration...enter into his presence and stay a while? More information from Fr Jeff.

Later this week we celebrate the Solemnity of All Saints Thursday November 1st:
 Masses at St Peter's 9.30am & 7.30pm.

All Souls Day Friday 2nd November  St Peter's 9.30am & 7.30pm. Envelopes for Names for the Altar during the month of the Holy Souls available at both St Pius and St Peter's. Thank you.

Sunday 21st October

29th in Ordinary Time

Hockley Ordinariate celebrates Sung Mass at St Pius X, Hockley 10.30am. Celebrant Fr. Jeff
NB: Our Ordinariate Council meets this Thursday evening.

Fr Jeff & Peter Wickham attended the first Pastoral Conference for the Ordinariate today (Saturday) in Oxford. See below:

The social evening planned for Saturday 27th October at Eastwood, St Peter's is postponed. 
Watch this space and see the Sunday newsletter for new date in December!

Ordinariate Conference 9th November London

The conference, which will take place at the church of St Patrick, Soho Square – itself described as ‘a beacon of hope’ for the New Evangelisation – will have keynote presentations from experienced ‘practitioners’, and the opportunity for discussion, questions, and answers. Fr Allan Hawkins, Parish Priest of St Mary the Virgin in Arlington, Texas, is a former Anglican clergyman who was received into the Catholic Church and ordained under the Pastoral Provision of Blessed John Paul II. Since the advent of the Pastoral Provision, Fr Hawkins has grown and developed a Catholic parish community within the Anglican liturgical and spiritual tradition. Earlier this year it was announced that the parish will transfer to the Personal Ordinariate of the Chair of Saint Peter. Fr Paul Richardson is a priest of the Archdiocese of Westminster. He was formerly Assistant Bishop of Newcastle in the Church of England, previously working in Norway, and as a missionary in Nambaiyfa, Papua New Guinea. He was…

Sunday 14th October

28th Sunday in Ordinary Time

Fr Bob White celebrates the Hockley Ordinariate Mass at St Pius X, Hockley 10.30am.
 All welcome, especially enquirers?

The Year of Faith begins today

Thursday 11th September.
There shall be a Mass to mark the beginning of the year of Faith this evening, 7.30pm. Brentwood Cathedral.

Please click on the link below the pic to find out a little more about the Papal Initiative:

Our Blessed Patron's Feast Day

Blessed John Henry Newman
Priest, founder of a religious community, theologian
This day that has brought us together here in Birmingham is a most auspicious one. In the first place, it is the Lord's Day, Sunday, the day when our Lord Jesus Christ rose from the dead and changed the course of human history for ever, offering new life and hope to all who live in darkness and in the shadow of death. (...)Yet there is another, more joyful reason why this is an auspicious day for Great Britain, for the Midlands, for Birmingham. It is the day that sees Cardinal John Henry Newman formally raised to the altars and declared Blessed.(...) England has a long tradition of martyr saints, whose courageous witness has sustained and inspired the Catholic community here for centuries. Yet it is right and fitting that we should recognize today the holiness of a confessor, a son of this nation who, while not called to shed his blood for the Lord, nevertheless bore eloquent witness to him in…

First Sunday of the Month!

Hockley Ordinariate Members join with St Peter's Eastwood for the 10am Mass Sunday
 7th October...Glass of vino after mass to belately celebrate Fr Bob's 70th!

Congratulations to Fathers Bemand & de Kyser, ordained priests today at Brentwood Cathedral. Both married men and Diocesan priests of Brentwood. A truly great day for my brother priests in the ONE Holy Catholic Church!


LATEST NEWS Leading Church historian to be received into Personal Ordinariate...
Dr Edward Norman, the historian and former Canon Chancellor of York Minister, will be received into the Personal Ordinariate of Our Lady of Walsingham on Sunday. In an article for this newspaper, Dr Norman explains the reasons for his decision to become a Catholic. He argues that Anglicanism has “no basis for its authority” as its confession “varies from place to place and person to person”. He says: “At the centre of Anglicanism is a great void.” He adds: “The Church of England provides a masterclass in equivocation; it also, however, is the residence of very many good and faithful Christian people who deserve respect – for their perseverance in so many incoherent spiritual adventures. “To leave their company is a wrench; to adhere to the Catholic faith is to join the encompassing presence of a universal body of believers in whose guardianship are the materials of authentic spiritual understanding… I have imme…