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Come Holy Spirit and renew the face of the Earth!

Congratulations to those Men Ordained Deacon this morning at England's Catholic Mother Church, Westminster Cathedral. The Ordinariate has much to thank for the working and prompting of the Holy Spirit in these candidates for the Sacred Priesthood!

 Praise AlmightyGod for courage and the Holy Father's vision for Unity and Truth. 
PENTECOST MASS TIMES: Fr Bob White is celebrating Sunday Masses at St Pius X Hockley 9am Parish  & 10.30am. Ordinariate. Also the Vigil Mass 5.30pm At St Teresas Rochford Sat 26th Fr Jeff Woolnough celebrates Pentecost Masses at St Peter's Eastwood 8.30am & 10am.

Statistics...for those interested in that sort of thing?

When I was Anglican Parish Priest of Hockley we ran a very good website, full of photos showing the vibrancy of our Parish life- (that particular site since closed).

My webmaster often informed me of the number of visits it attracted on a weekly basis. 

However, this little ol' site has attracted, in under a year over 34,000 hits...that's pretty impressive and it makes me think of the wider audience that we now attract as members of the One Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church?
 You know what they say...A family that prays together...

                           The Hockley Ordinariate Group

19th May Devotion Reminder!

The Ecumenical May Devotion at St Peter's Eastwood 12 noon this Saturday. Refreshments served after. All welcome!

...Later that same day, this priest will nervously watch his beloved football team in the Wembley Championship Play Off Final.Come on you Irons!

Sixth Sunday of Easter

Hockley Ordinariate celebrates Holy Mass at St Pius X Sunday 13th  May,10.30am. with Fr Jeff.

Fizz after mass to celebrate a significant birthday of our Priest's dear Mum,  Madge Woolnough!

Don't forget the Southend Area event at St Peter's Eastwood on Saturday 19th May 12noon: May Devotion. Refreshments after. All welcome especially Anglican enquirers?

Fifth Sunday of Easter

As ever,Hockley Ordinariate members gather for Mass on the First Sunday of the month at
 St Peter's Eastwood, 10 am.

St Peter's Sunday Masses: 8.30am 10am & 6pm. (Baptisms 2pm).

Oh & BTW.A very Happy Birthday to Ordinariate Members: Paul Smith, Jackie Wickham
 and Madge (Mum) Woolnough!