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Sunday 31st May 2015

The Most Holy Trinity 10.30 am. Solemn Mass at St. Pius X Hockley Celebrant: Fr. Jeff Woolnough

Firmly I believe and truly
God is Three, and God is One;
and I next acknowledge duly
manhood taken by the Son.

And I trust and hope most fully
in that Manhood crucified;
and each thought and deed unruly
do to death, as he has died.

Simply to his grace and wholly
light and life and strength belong,
and I love supremely, solely,
him the holy, him the strong.

And I hold in veneration,
for the love of him alone,
holy Church as his creation,
and her teachings are his own.

Adoration aye be given,
with and through the angelic host,
to the God of earth and heaven,
Father, Son and Holy Ghost.

Words: Blessed John Henry Newman, 1865

Sunday 24th May 2015

PENTECOST ( No Ordinariate Mass at Hockley today)

The Hockley Mission joins the people of St. Peter's Eastwood for the 10am Sung Mass
Pentecost Sunday Masses 8.30am 10am 11.30am ( Confirmation) Evening Mass 6pm.
Come Holy Spirit and kindle within our hearts the fire of your love!

Sunday 17th May 2015

The Ascension of the Lord- Holy Day of Obligation10.30am. Solemn Mass at Hockley celebrated by the Ordinariate Mission Pastor, Fr. Jeff Woolnough  Hail the day that sees him rise, Allelluia!

Sunday 10th May

6th Sunday of Easter 10.30am. Ordinariate Sung Mass at Hockley Celebrant: Fr. Bob White

Peter Baptizing the Centurion Cornelius, by Francesco Trevisani, 1709Begotten By Love: Scott Hahn Reflects on the Sixth Sunday of EasterReadings:
Acts 10:25-2634-3544-48
Psalm 98:1-4
1 John 4:7-10
John 15:9-17
God is love, and He revealed that love in sending His only Son to be a sacrificial offering for our sins. In these words from today’s Epistle, we should hear an echo of the story of Abraham’s offering of Isaac at the dawn of salvation history. Because Abraham obeyed God’s command and did not with-hold his only beloved son, God promised that Abraham’s descendants, the children of Israel, would be the source of blessing for all nations (see Genesis 22:16-18). We see that promise coming to fulfillment in today’s First Reading. God pours out His Spirit upon the Gentiles, the non-Israelites, as they listen to the word of Peter’s preaching. Notice they receive the same gifts received by the devout Jew…