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Sunday 1st January 2012

Holy Mary, Mother of God

Ordinariate Masses Sunday 1st Jan 2012

Hockley Group meets for the 10.00am Sung Mass at St Peter's Eastwood.

South Benfleet 6pm Holy Family

Frs Woolnough, White & Bennett wish all our people a very happy and CATHOLIC new year!

St Peter's website

Happy Feast, all!

St Peter's is back on

You can also find us on facebook: St Peter's Catholic Church, Eastwood.

Monsignor Newton sends a Christmas message

A Christmas message

from Monsignor Keith Newton,

Ordinary of the Personal Ordinariate of Our Lady of Walsingham

Amongst all that is going on at Christmas tide, we know we should never lose sight of the truth of the Incarnation: that God has entered his creation. It is into the mess and mayhem of our world and our lives that Jesus comes. Those who have entered the Catholic Church through the Ordinariate this year have had to adapt to new and changed situations. Many of the clergy have not only had to leave church buildings but their homes as well. This can be very unsettling but no less unsettling for those many lay people who have left churches and worshiping communities that they have known and loved for many years: place is important. This year that which might seem unsettling opens for us the possibility of hearing and receiving afresh the news of the Shepherds; the song of the Angels; and the call of the Magi. It’s into the untidiness and difficulties of our lives that God, in his…

Happy Christmass

Dear friends, what a year it has been for us who made the decision to leave the Church of England for the Church IN England, The ONE holy Catholic and Apostolic Church!

Our journey, although at times hazardous, has never lacked direction and last Sunday (Advent IV) we welcomed The Right Reverend Monsignor Newton to our Mass at Hockley. Monsignor Keith reminded us that joining this new branch of the Catholic Church had been an adventure but one that some had misunderstood? To join the Ordinarite means staying with your group to help carry out its missionary purpose as set out by Pope Benedict in Anglicanorum coetibus.

The new year will see a second wave of clergy and faithful laity seeking full communion with the Holy See. The opportunities and potential are endless my friends. Thank God then we spend our first Christmas as Catholic Christians, sharing in that full communion once only dreamed of?

A very Happy and Holy Christmas to you all. Midnight Mass (beginning at 11.30pm at St Pius…

Advent IV Sunday 18th December

Hi Folks

A REMINDER: This Sunday the Hockley Ordinariate Group will celebrate Holy Mass with our Ordinary, Monsignor Keith Newton, presiding; so please make every effort to attend this 10.30am mass at St Pius X.

CAROLS at St Peter's
7pm This Carol Service in aid of Fair Havens Hospice is our opportunity to worship with our friends at Eastwood. All are welcome and there will be seasonal refeshments after the service.


Rejoice in the Lord alway, and again, I say, rejoice!

Ordinariate at Hockley gathers for Sunday Sung Mass at St Pius X the Curch in the very heart of the community. 10.30am Celebrant Fr Bob White.
South Benfleet Group 6pm Holy Family: Celebrant Fr Lee Bennett

Fr Jeff Woolnough is celebrating at St Peter's 8.30am 10am & 6pm and will be at Hockley next Sunday (Advent IV) when our Ordinary will preside, The Rt Rev Mgr Keith Newton...Happy Days!

Beautiful Advent reflection

Fr Augustine Hoey (ex Mirfield Father and now,long time Catholic priest), has writen this beautiful Walsingham Advent's that for Anglican patrimony? In case you do not know Fr. Augustine...he is 96yrs old and has such a joyous burden of Intercession for Our Lady's Shrine and home at Walsingham. Fr. Augustine lives and works in Westminster Diocese and was received into Full Communion with the Catholic Church by Cardinal Hume when he was 80yrs...having led a full and active apostolic ministry in the Anglican Church and at Mirfield giving retreats.

From Fr. Augustine Hoey, OB. OSB.
Advent 2011

How odd of God to choose Walsingham…….equally odd to allow himself to
be pushed around and born in a stable. Yet God is like that! He rarely works
in ‘straight lines’… (much as we might wish he would)

It is almost a thousand years ago since he sent Mary to Walsingham…a small
Norfolk village only 4 miles from what was then the thriving port of
Wells…Mary spoke to the l…

Second Sunday of Advent

Please Note: Hockley Ordinariate joins the parish of St Peter's Eastwood for 10am Parish Mass
(No Mass at St Pius X ).
South Benfleet 6pm Ordinariate Mass

Drop down ye heavens from above

Every blessing

Fr Jeff

NB No Weds evening Ordinariate celebration at Hockley until the new year.
Friday 10am continues as per normal.

Fr Jeff Woolnough and family have last!!

Dear Ordinariate friends

The address and contact details for the Woolnough family as from 1st December:

St Peter's Presbytery, 59 Eastwood Road North, Leigh on Sea, Essex, SS9 4BX.
Tel: 01702 525323 e-mail: Mobile: 07956 801381

Find St Peter's on Facebook: St Peter's Catholic Church Eastwood

Website not quite ready yet!

Advent Joy to you all. Fr Jeff

Advent Sunday

Hark the glad sound the Saviour comes, the Saviour promised long; let every heart prepare a throne and every voice a song!

Advent Sunday Masses: 8.30am & 10am St Peter's Fr Jeff
10.30am Hockley Ordinariate St Pius X Fr Bob
6pm St Peter's Fr Bob
Holy Family South Benfleet 6pm Ordinariate Fr Lee

The Woolnough family move this Monday to St Peter's Presbytery 59 Eastwood Road Leigh on Sea SS9 4BX Tel: 01702 525323 Mobile 07956 801381.

Fr Jeff & Julie would like to take this opportunity to thank Bishop Stephen Cottrell (Chelmsford) for his patience and generosity of spirit regarding the late move (we left the Church of England nearly 9 months ago)! It has enabled us to stay at Hockley Vicarage for as long as we have needed so as to get all things ready at our new home.

We do, however, remain a constant feature in the community with our children at Greensward Academy and Fr Jeff's parents living on the estate next door b…

You can't have your cake and eat it?

Very interesting comments indeed from the Bishop of London regarding Anglican clergy who intend to use the New translation of the Roman Missal: Follow link to Ordinariate Portal site...
For those of us who are now Catholic priests, we are celebrating the new translation with great devotion and joy in full communion with the 'Patriarch of the West'!


Ordinariate Celebrations Sunday 20th November Christ the King

Hockley St Pius X 10.30am Solemn Mass & Benediction Frs Woolnough & Homer

South Benfleet Holy Family 6pm Mass Fr Lee Bennett

The Hockley Ordinariate is served from St Peter Eastwood where Fr Jeff Woolnough is Priest in Charge

Sunday Masses at St Peter's this Sunday:
8.30am Fr Jeff Woolnough 10am Fr Bob White 6pm Fr Antony Homer

Hockley Ordinariate Coffee Morning

Do come to St Pius X this Saturday, 19th for our monthly coffee morning from 10am. Home made cakes etc and the chance to catch up with friends at the church in the very heart of our Village community! All welcome.

Remembrance Sunday 33rd in Ordinary Time

Ordinariate Sunday Masses

Hockley St Pius 10.30am with Act of Remembrance: celebrant Fr Bob White

South Benfleet Holy Family 6pm celebrant Fr Lee Bennett

Fr Jeff Woolnough is celebrating at St Peter's Eastwood 8.30am 10am 6pm
all with the commissioning of Eucharistic Ministers.

Have a dignified celebration, folks...we will remember them.


Hockley Ordinariate is holding a fun social fund raiser evening at Kilnfield House off Station Approach Hockley. Tickets £7 from Rosemary White 01268 543910 or on the door. Last year was clucking brilliant so do please come along. FRIDAY 25th NOVEMBER 7.30pm. Bring your own drinks, glasses and nibbles. Getting stuffed has never been so much fun!

32nd Sunday in Ordinary Time

What a week ...celebrated mass for approx 1000 on All Saints over 3 masses!

Just a reminder to the Hockley Ordinariate Group that we are at St Peter's this Sunday 10am Mass
South Benfleet group celebrate mass at Holy Family 6pm.

Have a good celebration!

Fr Jeff Woolnough

Sunday 30th October 31st in Ordinary Time and more...

Sunday Ordinariate Masses 30th October

Please don't forget to put your clocks back 1 hour as BST ends 2am Sunday morning!

Hockley, St PiusX 10.30am Sung Mass celebrant Fr Jeff Woolnough

South Benfleet, Holy Family 6pm Celebrant Fr Lee Bennett

The Hockley Ordinariate is served from St Peter's Eastwood where Fr Jeff is Priest in Charge.
Sunday Masses 8.30am Fr Jeff
10am Fr Bob White 6pm Fr Jeff

The great Solemnity of All Saints Tuesday 1st November: Masses at St Peter's 9.30am 12.40pm (School Mass at St Thomas More) 7.30pm with reception of Mark Moulding into full communion with the Catholic Church via the Ordinariate.

Weds 2nd Nov All Souls: Masses 9.30am St Peter's 7.30pm Ordinariate at Hockley.

29th Sunday in Ordinary Time

Southend Area Ordinariate Mass times:

Hockley, St Pius X 10.30am celebrant Fr Bob White, concelebrant Fr Antony Homer.

South Benfleet, Holy Family 6pm celebrant Fr Lee Bennett.

The Hockley Ordinariate is served from St Peter the Apostle, Eastwood Road North SS9 4BX.
Priest in Charge Fr Jeff Woolnough. St Peter's Sunday Masses: 8.30am 10am 6pm.

Given in Rome, at Saint Peter’s, on 11 October in the year 2011, the seventh of my Pontificate. BENEDICTUS PP. XVI

A new "Motu Proprio" has been released on the "Year of Faith" Pope Benedict announced on Sunday. In his letter, Pope Benedict writes the "year of Faith" is a summons to an authentic and renewed conversion to the Lord, the one Saviour of the world.

The “door of faith” (Acts 14:27) is always open for us, ushering us into the life of communion with God and offering entry into his Church. It is possible to cross that threshold when the word of God is proclaimed and the heart allows itself to be shaped by transforming grace. To enter through that door is to set out on a journey that lasts a lifetime. It begins with baptism (cf. Rom 6:4), through which we can address God as Father, and it ends with the passage through death to eternal life, fruit of the resurrection of the Lord Jesus, whose will it was, by the gift of the Holy Spirit, to draw those who believe in him into his own glory (cf. Jn 17:22).

To profess faith in the Trinity – Father, Son and Holy Spir…

We made the right decision, we can be sure!

See link to Church Times

Southend Ordinariate Group Sunday Mass at Hockley October 16th

The Hockley & South Benfleet Ordinariate groups will celebrate Holy Mass together with Monsignor John Broadhurst at St Pius X Hockley 10.30am.Fr Jeff is looking forward to welcoming you all! Coffee will be served after mass at The Day Centre opposite (behind the Doctors surgery).

There will be a coffee morning this Saturday from 10am at St Pius X. It's a great advantage to be in the midst of Hockley Village for our liturgies and social events...please welcome all of our friends old and new alike!

Sunday 9th October 28th in Ordinary Time

Ordinariate Mass Times:

Hockley, St Pius X 10.30am Celebrant Fr Bob White
South Benfleet, Holy Family 6pm Celebrant Fr Lee Bennett

Blessed John Henry Newman pray for us.

Wonderful Link!

Dear Everyone on this Blessed Feast of Our Lady of the Rosary!

I have a gift for you today!

Go to the link below and you will see the solemn Crowning of Our Lady of Walsingham which took place here in Walsingham on August 15th 1954 - the Marian Year. Our Lady of Walsingham was crowned in the name of the Pope by the Apostolic Delagate Archbishop Gerald Patrick O'Hara.

You will see amazing and beautiful scenes....15,000 people attended. When the crowned statue of Our Lady of Walsingham was placed in the Slipper Chapel the two doves which had accompanied her in the Procession sat either side of her.

Mgr. Georges Tutto - the retired Hungarian Chaplain for The Church in England and Wales was present at this Crowing and he had told me the story of the Doves which he personally witnessed. I have now seen them for myself!!

Oh for the Day when England will return to Walsingham.....

Enjoy and pass it on to share...

Love and in union of prayers

Antonia from Walsingham

PS We have an Evening o…

Monsignor John Broadhurst

The Southend area Ordinariate Group comprising of members form Hockley and South Benfleet will gather for Sunday Mass at St Pius X Hockley on Sunday 16th October 10.30am. Our Celebrant and homilist: Fr John Broadhurst (One time Bishop of Fulham and former Chair of Forward in Faith).

Fr Jeff is concelebrating and we will have the opportunity to chat with Fr John over coffee after Mass at The Hockley and Hawkwell Day Centre.

The Personal Ordinariate of Our Lady of Walsingham, Hockley

Exciting times for the Hockley Ordinariate. The Clergy take up their new appointments this weekend: 'The Future is Bright...the future is Yellow and White!'

The Personal Ordinariate of Our Lady of Walsingham, Hockley, served from the Parish of St Peter, Eastwood.

This weekend we shall celebrate the mass together with the People of St Peter's at 10am.
The address of the Church and post code: 59 Eastwood Road North, Eastwood, Leigh on Sea, Essex SS9 4BX. Parish Office 01702 522879. The office hours Mon-Fri 9am-3pm. Parish Secretary Anne-Marie Abbott.

Fr Jeff can be contacted as usual at Hockley until the family moves to St Peter's in November, or by leaving a message with Anne-Marie on the number above.

Fr Jeff will celebrate the 9.30am Mass on 1st October (The day of St Teresa of the Child Jesus)at St Peter's. I do hope that some of you can make it.
The Saturday morning mass is followed by exposition of the Blessed Sacrament and confessions.
Sunday Mass times at S…

26th Sunday in Ordinary Time

Ordinariate Mass Times-Sunday 25th September

Hockley St Pius X 10.30am Frs Jeff Woolnough & Bob White

South Benfleet Holy Family 6pm Fr Lee Bennett

Weekday Ordinariate Masses at Hockley: Weds 28th 7.15pm Thurs 29th 10am Fri 30th 10am

Please note: The Saturday Morning Mass 1st October will be at St Peters Eastwood where Fr Jeff will celebrate for the first time as Priest in Charge.

See post later in the week regarding Mass times at Eastwood.

Keep the faith!

Our Lady of Walsingham, intercede for us.

It was truly wonderful to consecrate our selves to Our Lady of Walsingham at the recent pilgrimage in July led by our Ordinary, Monsignor Keith Newton.

Walsingham has always held a very special place in many of our hearts and I look forward to taking our group with some of our new friends from St Peter's on pilgrimage next year TBC.

This Saturday (24th) is her Feast Day! Ordinariate Mass at 9am at Holy Family Benfleet. It will be good to catch up with our friends at Benfleet including Fr Lee Bennett! This will be followed by a day for those exploring the call to Eucharistic ministry 10-4pm - bring a packed lunch.

Do feel free to contact me; 07956 801381.

Saturday, October 1st:

I celebrate the 9.30am mass at St Peter's Eastwood and a new chapter begins, not just for me and my family but for the people there and of course my ordinariate group at Hockley of whom I will continue to serve. All has worked out so well: God is good; we have placed all our trust in him!
Keep the fai…

25th Week in Ordinary Time

Sunday Ordinariate Masses

Hockley 10.30am

South Benfleet 6pm

Weekday Masses: Hockley Weds 7.15pm 21st Sept Feast of S. Matthew Thurs 7.15pm. Fri 10am preceded by Holy Rosary. 10.45am Confessions

Saturday 24th 9am Solemnity of Our Lady of Walsingham: concelebrated Mass at Holy Family South Benfleet followed by study day for those exploring Eucharistic ministry 10-4pm.
Let Fr Jeff know if you'd like to come, please. 07956 801381

24th Sunday in Ordinary Time

Hockley Ordinariate Sunday Sung Mass St Pius X 10.30am.

South Benfleet Ordinariate Mass Holy Family Church 6pm.

If you are a member of the Ordinariate the clergy would ask that you attend if at all possible the Ordinariate Sunday Masses as advertised.

Hockley Ordinariate Weekday Masses St Pius X Weds The Feast of The Exultation of the Cross 7.15pm

Thursday Our Lady of Sorrows 10am -we join with St Pius Community to offer the Mass

Friday 9.30 Holy Rosary 10am Mass

We are always welcome at the weekday masses at St Teresa Rochford especially when there is no Ordinariate Mass at Hockley. Mass times: Monday 7pm Tuesday 9.20am Sat 9.30am.

Hockley Ordinariate weekday masses 23rd Week in Ordinary Time

Mass times for the Hockley Ordinriate Group this week 23rd in Ordinary time at St Pius X.

Tuesday 6th September 7.15pm

Wednesday 7th September 7.15pm.

Thursday 8th September-The Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary 7.15pm.

Friday 9th September 10am preceded by Rosary

Saturday 10th September 10am Confessions after Mass.

ENQUIRERS:Register with the Ordinariate.

We have at present, a good number of enquirers. There will be receptions/confirmations later in the Autumn and at Easter.
If you are an Anglican interested in becoming a member of the Catholic Church via the Ordinariate, please contact: Fr Jeff Woolnough: 01702 202277

23rd Sunday in Ordinary Time

Looking forward to our Sunday Ordinariate Mass at Hockley 10.30am using the New Translation of the Mass. New Mass cards will be available and I shall read a pastoral letter from our Bishop regarding the new translation. See you all on Sunday!
Every blessing,Fr Jeff.

22nd Sunday in Ordinary Time

Southend Area Ordinariate Mass Times

Sunday 28th August

10.30am St Pius X Hockley Celebrant Fr Bob White

6pm Holy Family South Benfleet Celebrant Fr Lee Bennett

Please see pewsheets for times of the weekday masses

So very Hockley...Sunday afternoon 21st August

This Sunday from 1.30pm. The Hockley Ordinariate Parish at the kind invitation of Stuart and Sue Page invite her members to 'PIMMS on the Lawn', at one of Hockley's most magnificent houses, Eastview Church Road (at the junction of Church Road Folly Lane). A chance to catch up and enjoy a lovely social as our Parish groups begin to establish themselves as part of God's One Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church. it would be great to see our friends from South Benfleet?

Please contact Hockley's Fund Raising Team co-ordinator: Celia Fagence who will be delighted to reserve places to what is a ticket only event. 01702 202956.

SUNDAY 21st August 21st Sunday in Ordinary Time: Fr Bob White is celebrating the Hockley Ordinariate Mass at St Pius X 10.30am. Fr Lee Bennett celebrates the South Benfleet Ordinariate Mass at Holy Family church 6pm. All welcome, especially enquirers.

Fr Jeff returns to parish duty on Sunday September 4th (We begin to use the New Translation of the R…

The Church to which we belong...

The following is taken from the booklet, "Faith and common sense", + Imprimatur: Most Reverend John F. Whealon, Archbishop of Hartford:

After Christ left this world, His Church did spring into action, fully prepared to carry on His work. This Church was not something vague in character. Christ said precisely what He wanted it to be. His Church was to be built upon the Apostles. It would continue down to the end of time in the same way, ruled by the successors of the Apostles. That is perhaps the clearest thing of all.

He also intended it to be one Church, not a number of churches. The Church He had in mind was to be for all men. It would work for their sanctification and salvation. These qualities were so clearly built into the Church that they were marks setting off the true Church of Christ from all other institutions claiming the name. Catholics say that these marks are unity, catholicity, holiness and apostolicity.

When we examine the early Church as it a…

Blessed be Her Glorious Assumption...



Fr Jeff will be celebrating the following Sunday Masses:

Sat 13th Vigil Mass 5.30pm St Teresa's Rochford. Confessions heard at 5pm.

Sun 14th St Pius X 9am & St Teresa's 10.30am.

PLEASE NOTE: THERE IS NO 10.30am at ST PIUS X - we join with our friends at St Teresa's.

Fr Lee Bennett will be celebrating 6pm Sunday Evening Ordinariate Mass at Holy Family Benfleet

Ave, ave, ave Maria!

Our Lady's prayers and our opportunity to pray

With the current crisis on our city streets an Apocalyptic vision is brought scarily to life!

May we use this time of Novena prayerfully and wisely as we prepare to celebrate The Assumption of Our Blessed Lady. England is her dowry, we are her children.

At no time in our recent history has the law of Moses been most necessary to recall and to live by...thou shalt not kill, steal or covet; Honour thy Father and Mother...

To this end the Blessed Sacrament will be exposed for prayerful adoration at St Pius X this Saturday August 13th from 10.45am-1pm.

Hockley, on the surface, is a quiet and peaceful area. We are fortunate indeed not to have endured the awful events of this week. I do hope that many will come and pay a visit to pray for peace, for our police, ambulance, and fire crews; for the future of our young people in this land.

19th Sunday in Ordinary Time-The Ordinariate CANNOT FAIL!!!



5.30pm (6th Aug Saturday) Vigil & 10.30am St Teresa's Rochford Celebrant Fr Jeff Woolnough
St Pius X Hockley 9am & 10.30am Celebrant Fr Bob White

Holy Family 6pm. Celebrant Fr Lee Bennett

HOCKLEY ORDINARIATE: Please note that next Sunday Assumption 14th August: 5.30pm St Teresa's 9am St Pius X 10.30am St TERESA's All masses celebrated by Fr Jeff Woolnough. NO 10.30am Mass at ST PIUS X on this Sunday-we celebrate with St Teresa's Rochford.


Some foolish people are willing the Ordinariate to fail, setting up Facebook profiles to whinge, moan and groan. Yawn! 'Ordinariate, fail'? It cannot, quite simply because WE ARE part of the Roman Catholic Church!

- WE ARE in full communion with the Holy See and thus the Sacraments are valid beyond any doubt or question. Our membership is growing steadily and for those remaining in the Anglican fold who may believe …

18th Sunday in Ordinary Time

Fr Jeff is celebrating the 5.30pm Vigil Mass at St Teresa's Rochford Sat 30th July
Sunday 31st July
The 9am & 10.30am (Ordinariate) at St Pius X Hockley also the 6pm Ordinariate Mass at Holy Family South Benfleet.

See you at one of these celebrations.

Comments disabled:
I am sorry to have disabled the comment box on this site. There is a lot of ill- informed mudslinging going on at present, especially on Facebook.For some reason, known only to the anonymous bloggers who have left bitter comments here, I have been singled out for cyber abuse.
My webmaster, through e-tracker has identified the culprit, and I know him personally which makes it all the sadder...I'll leave it there. The great thing about the Ordinariate is that the door remains always open for those with a real Catholic heart. We in Hockley know that we have done the right thing...Blessed and praised be Jesus Christ in the Most Holy Sacrament of the Altar!

17th Sunday in Ordinary Time

Southend Area Ordinariate Mass Times Week com: 24th July

Hockley, St Pius X Sunday 10.30am Weds 7pm Fri 10am

Sth Benfleet Holy Family Sunday 6pm


our warmest wishes and prayers go to Lesley 'Bernadette' Grimshaw on her reception and confirmation at the Ordinariate Mass this morning! Thanks to Fred Van de Vyver, Lesley's sponsor.

It was great to have Fr Bob and his family back with us. The Afternoon Tea party fund raiser at Tether's End was a great success! Well done Celia Brenda, Beryl et all and thanks again to the Sanderson's for your generous hospitality.

A Wonderful Day!

We did not let the rain spoil today's Ordinariate pilgrimage to Walsingham.
We began with a concelebrated noon mass at the National Shrine presided over by our Ordinary, Mgr Newton,who at the beginning of the mass, read aloud a Papal blessing.

After lunch we returned to church for Benediction. Mgr Newton led an act of concecration to Our Lady of Walsingham, the sorrowful and immaculate heart of Mary to plead special intercession for these times we live in.

Rain stopped play but it did not deter us...some made their way into the village by coach and car while many opted to walk along the old railway track in rosary procession arriving singing aloud and proud the pilgrim hymn...Ave, ave!

It was an emotional experience returning to the Anglican Shrine. Both Mgr Newton and Bp Urwin were clearly moved as they introduced the sprinkling service. We enjoyed a sincere and warm welcome to which we responded with heartfelt gratitude. The Ordinariate is proving that, it is indeed a thing mo…

16th Sunday in Ordinary Time

Hockley Ordinariate group gathers at St Pius X Hockley 10.30am. to celebrate Holy Mass and to welcome Lesley Grimshaw into the Catholic Church through Reception & Confirmation. Another member of the Ordinariate of Our Lady of Walsingham here in Hockley. Ave Maria!


2pm at Tethers End Old London Road Rawreth SS11 8UE at the kind invitation of Barrie & Barbara Sanderson.

All Welcome.

All funds raised for the mission of the Catholic Church in Hockley.

Walsingham Pilgrimage Saturday 16th July

The Coach leaves Hockley library at 7.30am. returning from Walsingham at 5pm. A few seats left at £15 return.

We are all very much looking forward to Saturday when we celebrate Mass at the National Catholic Shrine at noon with our Ordinary The Rt Rev Mgr Newton. OLW ora pro nobis. Thanking God and the Holy Father, then for the Ordinariate in England & Wales!

Isn't it good being a Catholic? I'm soon to be PP of St Peters Eastwood where the Hockley group will find a warm welcome...a second home in a lovely Catholic church with fantastic much to look forward to my friends!

Re: COMMENTS to this blogsite:

Anyone wishing to leave a comment should leave their contact details to enable and to facilitate a measured response. Random, and I have to say, childish comments, such as recently sent regarding the CBS Ordinariate donation, will continue to be immediately deleted. Ed.


On behalf of the Southend Ordinariate Group May I take his opportunity to wish both Frs Drummond and Bennett very Happy Birthday's for this week Monday 11th & Wednesday 13th respectively!

Ad multos annos !

15th Sunday in Ordinary Time July 10th

Hockley Ordinariate celebrates Holy Mass at St Pius X at 10.30am

Celebrant & Homilist Fr Jeff Woolnough

All welcome!

14th Sunday in Ordinary Time 3rd July

Ordinariate Services, locally:

14th Sunday in Ordinary Time 3rd July

Hockley St Pius X Sung Mass 10.30am followed by Coffee in the Day Centre.
Celebrant Fr Jeff woolnough Homilist Fr Bob White
6pm Holy Hour & Benediction.

Holy Family South Benfleet 6pm Mass.Celebrant & Homilist Fr Lee Bennett.

All welcome!


Ordinariate Clergy appointed to local parishes.

Fr Lee Bennett Assistant Priest to Holy Family South Benfleet with responsibility to the Ordinariate Group Based there. Fr Lee will also assist at St Thomas More Hadleigh and Our Lady of Canvey. Fr Lee, Helen and the family will move to the Presbytery at Holy Family mid-July.

Fr Jeff Woolnough to St Peter's Eastwood (Priest in charge) from Oct 2nd with responsibility for the Hockley Ordinariate based at St Pius X Hockley.Also Catholic Chaplain to Southend Hospital.The Woolnough family will move to St Peter's Presbytery at the end of September.

Please pray for both Fr Bennett, Fr Woolnough and their families as they prepare to move and take up these new posts.

Sunday Morning Ordinariate Mass at Hockley 10.30am

The Solemnity of the Most Holy Trinity Solemn Mass with refreshments after. 10.30am St Pius X Hockley - Home to the Hockley Ordinarite of Our Lady of Walsingham.

All welcome especially those who are contemplating joining the Ordinarite.
Further information: 01702 202277
Celebrant and Homilist: Fr Jeff Woolnough

Ordination pics more to come...been a busy day!



We read that in the first days of the Church,
"the multitude of believers had but one heart and one soul; neither did any one say that aught of the things which he possessed was his own." Of this fervent company, one only is singled out by name, Joseph, a rich Levite, from Cyprus. "He having land sold it, and brought the price and laid it at the feet of the apostles."
They now gave him a new name, Barnabas, the son of consolation.
'You are a priest for ever; a priest like Melchizadek of old'. +

Please pray for those men to be ordained to the Sacred Priesthood  at Brentwood Cathedral today.
Revv David Waller, Jon Ravensadle, Robert Page, Ivor Morris,
Lee Bennett, Robert White & Jeffrey Woolnough

The Hockley Ordinariate Parish Group

Dear friends and members of the One Holy Catholic Church based in Hockley!

Our Hockley Parish Group officially begins its life in The Ordinariate of Our Lady of Walsingham with its own liturgies beginning on Trinity Sunday, June 19th at 10.30am - Solemn Mass of the Most Holy Trinity.
All are welcome, especially those Anglicans who feel called to full unity within the Catholic will be warmly welcomed!

For further information contact Fr Jeff Woolnough  01702 202277

Brentwood Ordinations and more

Please pray  for The 'Brentwood Seven' as they prepare for the CatholicPriesthood;Saturday 11th June at 11am Brentwood Cathedral. The double decker coach is leaving from Hockley library at 9am. There are just a few places left...please contact Hockley's Ordinariate treasurer, Julie Hindley on 01702 207259 if you'd like to witness this profound and historical liturgical event.

Frs White & Woolnough will concelebrate Pentecost masses with Fr Drummond the next day! The following week the Hockley Ordinariate Parish of Our Lady of Walsingham will be up and running at St Pius X Hockley with Solemn Mass of The Most Holy Trinity at 10.30am.,followed by Drinks on the Lawn.Frs Woolnough & White would like to thank our Bishop,Thomas and Fr Gerry for their generosity, allowing our group to use the church, Hockley is our home and we shall be delighted to return! A big thanks to the people of St Teresa's Rochford for their support and friendship over these past 3 months!

Ordination Retreat

Many of the Ordinariate Deacons are currently on Ordination retreat, preparing for Priesting.

Revv Homer, Page, Waller, Elliot Smith & Woolnough are enjoying their stay at Aylesford Priory.Anticipation, prayer, reflection, fellowship, silence, and a real sense of belonging to Mother Church. Alleluia!


The Ordinariate Clergy and Religious with Archbishop Vincent and our Ordinary at Allen Hall

Our formation training and study days at Allen Hall Seminary are proving to be a wonderful mix of academia, prayer and collegiality not only with our own group but also with the full time seminarians. We thank all the staff and students for making us all so very welcome and Fr Stephen Wang, Dean of Studies who has the rather tricky task of keeping us all in order! The lecturers and content really are first class and yesterday we were greatly blessed with a visit, talk and lunch with Archbishop Vincent.

The Brentwood 7 plus 2 with the Boss!

© Personal Ordinariate of Our Lady of Walsingham

The Brentwood 7 !!!!!!!

 Have you seen these men? Please contact the Ordinary for a reward!

© Personal Ordinariate of Our Lady of Walsingham

Tuesday 17th May Evangelium

Our Final Evangelium Meeting takes place 17th May 7.30pm at Kilnfield House, all welcome!

Please bring your own refreshments to share

                      Mary and the Four Last Things.

It has been an amazing journey of learning and witness to the historic Christain faith, authentically revealed in and by the Magesterium of the Catholic Church, to which we now belong...and so, as it's Easter, a great ALLELUIA!!!

Ordination Photos-Link

You will find a wonderful selection of Photographs of The Diaconal ordinations at Wanstead of the now infamous, 'Brentwood 7'.
All pics © Personal Ordinariate of Our Lady of Walsingham
Here is the link...enjoy!

Saturday 14th May Diaconal Ordinations

There are 3 spare seats up for grab on the coach that leaves Hockley Library 9am on Saturday morning to Wanstead for the Diaconal Ordinations at Our Lady of Lourdes.

Please, please get in touch should you wish to share the day with Lee Bennett, Bob White and yours truly?

£10 return including ticket for the service and the refreshments which follow.

Jeff Woolnough 07956 801381

Finishing Evangelium

Hi folks

Evangelium tonight May 3rd 7.30pm Kilnfield House

Two more sessions left with time this evening for a general discussion on our post Confirmation experiences and the future! See you all later on.

Final session
Mary and the four last things May 17th.

Rev Antony Homer's Diaconal Ordination

Our dear friend and colleague, Rev Antony Homer is to be ordained, Deacon this Friday. Please pray for him and all those to be ordained these next weeks.
Friday 6th May 2011 6.30pm - Mass of Diaconal Ordination      at the Catholic Church of Our Lady of Victories, Kensington.              Nearest  -Tube Kensington High Street.               Celebrated by Bishop Alan Hopes, Auxilary Bishop of Westminster.

Last Call for Coach to Wanstead Ordinations

                       LAST CALL FOR THE COACH!!!

Ordinations, Saturday 14th May, Our Lady of Lourdes, Wanstead, London, E11.
If you'd like to go to the Diaconal Ordinations (we have 3 of the'Brentwood 7' to be made Deacon), a coach will be leaving Hockley Library at9am on Saturday 14th May. The Mass begins at 11am with refreshments in the Pastoral Centre after.
 Please e mail fatherjeffw@gmail.comASAP...cut off point, Weds 4th May.

From the Ordinariate Portal

Worth Reading-  Fr Edwin Barnes, 'Why I became a Catholic':

Fr Edwin Barnes writes at the National Catholic Register:

I had always believed that is what I was — a Catholic, albeit an Anglican one. We said the creeds and expressed our belief in the “one, holy, catholic and apostolic Church.” We were taught that is just what the Church of England was; part of that Catholic Church, separated from a great part of Christendom at the Reformation, but with good reason. We had avoided the excesses and errors of other churches; we were a pure church, one which had “washed its face.” This was just about tenable all the time the Church of England held to Catholic faith and practice. Of course, there were always others in the same Church who disagreed with us, but we had truth on our side. After all, did not every priest at his induction assent to the belief that the Church of England is part of the “one, holy, catholic and apostolic Church”? And had not an archbishop of Canterbury (Geoffrey…