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Laetare Sunday 30th March 2014

10.30am. Solemn Mass Fourth (Laetare) Sunday in Lent at Hockley, St. Pius X.
Celebrant & Preacher, Fr. Jeff Woolnough
Posies for Mothers will be distributed at this Mass

The fourth Sunday in Lent is known as Laetare Sunday when some parishes use the traditional rose colored vestments.  In  Grotto News, Fr. Perrone explains:

Laetare means Rejoice! It is the first word of the Introit (opening song) of the Mass. What is there, you ask, to rejoice about? Is it merely the recognition that Lent is half done? That may be part of the reason, but I fear that with most Catholics doing little to nothing during Lent anymore, there’s little concern about being freed from fasting or from other penitential practices that aren’t being done in the first place. Even so, the deeper reason for being glad about this point in Lent is that we are the closer to Easter, the time when we will relive with Christ the joy of His resurrection.

In a related way, we are also to be g…

3rd Sunday of Lent

Sunday 23 March 2014
10.30am. Solemn Mass at St. Pius X, HockleyCelebrant & Preacher, Fr. Bob White.

The Woman at the Well… Dear friends, On this third Sunday of Lent we are faced with the truth of the teaching of Jesus regarding marriage, which in turn is the teaching of Mother Church. The woman at the well is shocked when Jesus reveals her true marital status!  As many of you know, there will be, later this year in Rome, an ‘extraordinary synod’, called to discuss the life of the family and evangelization.  The BIG issue of divorce and remarriage and the impact that this has on Catholic family life will have a prominent feature on the agenda. There are lots of opinions held by many at present but unless they are informed and we can articulate our response to what our Church teaches, then those opinions are worthless?  We should be an informed people guided by the Magisterium on these issues. One of the best resources that I have found relating to this can be sourced at http://www.…

2nd Sunday of Lent

Sunday March 16th 2014
10.30am. Solemn Mass at St. Pius X, HockleyCelebrant & Preacher, Fr. Bob White.


Fr. Jeff Woolnough, pastor to the Hockley Ordinariate Mission writes:

Dear friends,
We hear in the Gospel reading at our mass today (2nd of Lent), the account of the Transfiguration.  It appears for our edification on this, the second Sunday of Lent, so that we, (just like Peter, James and John), may bear witness to the truth and be given courage to bear the pain of Our Lord’s passion, yet to come! We don’t always recognise the face of Christ in others or in the poor and the suffering of our world, so today we might just want to ponder the meaning and gift of transfiguration?
Lent is the season to allow God into the darkness that clogs our spiritual arteries and let him fill our hearts with his splendour! To be people of the transfiguration means walking with him - to the mountain top, for it is there that we will encounter the God –Man, Jesus Christ, Our Lord and …

Sunday March 9th

First Sunday of Lent
Solemn Mass at St. Pius X, 10.30am.Celebrant & Preacher: Fr. Jeff Woolnough
'Hear us O, Lord, have mercy upon us, for we have sinned against thee.'

Series of Lent talks...

Thursday evenings in Lent at Brentwood Cathedral

Faith. Blessed John XXIII. Vocation. Prayer. The Sacred Heart. Lent. Listen to last night's Desert Island Priest interview with Fr Kevin Hale

Congratulations to Fr. Martin Boland (Dean of Brentwood Cathedral), for an inspirational idea for Lenten reflection this year. We look forward to the remaining interviews:

Thursday 13 March
Fr Brian O’Shea (Grays) .. Elected Silence by Thomas Merton
Thursday 20 March
Fr Paul Keane (Essex University, Brightlingsea & Wivenhoe) .. Transformation in Christ by Dietrich von Hildebrand
Thursday 27 March
Fr David Clemens (Saffron Walden) .. Diary of a Mystic by Edward Thurston
Thursday 3 April
Fr Martin O…

Sunday 2nd March (and Ash Weds details)

8th in Ordinary Time
10am. Sung  Mass at St. Peter's, RC Church, Eastwood The Lord saved me because he delighted in me!

THe Hockley Ordinariate Mission celebrates The Sunday Obligation with the people of St Peter's

Tuesday 4th March Confessions before Ash Wednesday at Eastwood 10-11am & 6-7pm.

March 5th Ash Wednesday
Masses at Eastwood 9.30am & 7.30pm. 

+ Remember that thou art dust, and unto dust thou shalt return...