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Ss. Peter and Paul

The Solemnity of Saints Peter and Paul is kept in England and Wales on Sunday 30th June, a Holy day of Obligation for all Catholics.  There are 4 Masses celebrated by Ordinariate clergy on this day. We look forward to greeting you at at one of our celebrations... HAPPY FEAST!
Hockley, St Pius X: Ordinariate Mass 10.30am. Celebrant Fr. Bob White.  +Eastwood, St. Peter:  8.30am   10am    6pm.  Celebrant: Fr Jeff Woolnough

Walsingham Annual Ordinariate Pilgrimage 22 June

Thanks to our own Monsignor Edwin Barnes   -  From his site Ancient Richborough a report on the Bournmouth Group's stay at Walsingham last weekend:Thenne longen folk to go on pilgrimage... Not Aprille, as in Chaucer's Tales, though the weather was showery and springlike when the Ordinariate went home to Walsingham for our summer Pilgrimage. From the Bournemouth Mission we were more than thirty, including a number of Catholics from local parishes and an Anglican or two. Emphasising our ecumenical (not to say evangelistic) role, we were mostly lodged at the Anglican shrine. It looks very romantic by moonlight, hence the first picture in today's blog. We had travelled the 200 plus miles by coach on Saturday, so we were ready for anything on Saturday morning. The interior of the Catholic church of Reconciliation is lit by very orange lamps, so I gave up on trying to photograph it either before or during Mass. We celebrated SS John Fisher and Thomas More, two of the first and g…

Solemnity of the Nativity of St John the Baptist.

What a great day!  Solemn Mass this morning at St Peter's followed by Adoration until Noon. The Privilege of presiding at a Funeral and then a wonderful Mass for the Staff at St Thomas More High at Westcliff. The message today is clear: we need to listen to the voice of the Baptist and take on his mantra as we prepare for the Second Coming of Christ.

Sunday 23rd July 2013

Twelfth Sunday in Ordinary Time Sung Mass at St. Pius X, Hockley at 10.30am. Celebrant and preacher: Fr. Jeff Woolnough, - Mission Pastor.
With thanks to all who attended the annual Ordinariate Pilgrimage to Walsingham.  It was indeed a great day...and good to be Catholic!

Sunday 16th June

Eleventh Sunday in Ordinary Time. Hockley Ordinariate Mission celebrate Mass at St. Pius X, at 10.30am.  Celebrant, Fr. Bob White

Ad multos annos to the Brentwood Seven!

The Feast of  St.Barnabas, Apostle and Martyr June 11th 2013

Today we give thanks for our second anniversary to the Sacred Priesthood. The 'Brentwood Seven' were ordained at Brentwood Cathedral, on this Feast day 2011.

Sunday June 9th

Tenth Sunday in Ordinary Time
10.30am. Sung Mass at St. Pius X, HockleyCelebrant and Preacher Fr. Jeff Woolnough - Hockley Mission Pastor.

June is the month of The Sacred Heart
Have mercy on us

Way to go, Julie et al (Ordinariate Clergy wives)!

Catholic Women of the Year 2013Posted: Sunday, June 2, 2013 8:46 pm Email Print The Catholic Women of the Year for 2013 have been chosen. In this Year of Faith, the theme is that of upholding and passing on the Catholic Faith.
The four Catholic Women of the Year for 2013 are: Mary Maguire from Bury, Lancashire, Mary Cahill from Jersey, Channel Islands, Rosaline Egan from London and Marjorie Parker,  from Leeds. In addition, the Catholic Women of the Year committee is giving a special certificate of honour this year to the wives of Ordinariate clergy.

Mary Maguire, of Bury, Lancashire, who with her husband Kevin has built an orphanage and school for children in Kenya. They raised the money, built the house, and now care for 60 children, spending half of each year in Kenya. When in Britain, they work full-time raising the £70,000 required to run the orphanage and the new school that they have recently opened for 350 children alongside. The Good Life Orphanage has transformed the lives of…