Benedict XVI, OUR Pope

Dear friends


On this Solemn Day when we recall and celebrate the Passion and death of our Lord, we do so as Catholics, members of the Universal Church in true communion with The See of Peter. We can now refer to the Holy Father as OUR Pope!!

Our 'super cool'  Holy Father!

Our reception and confirmation at the Mass of the Lord's Supper was a humbling and moving experience.
It was wonderful to have Mgr Keith Newton receiving and confirming alongside Fr Gerry!

On such a Holy Night it proved inappropriate to take photographs, especially as not to disturb the vigil watch at Gethsemane. Therefore we shall have a group photo sometime over the Easter celebrations.

The Hockley group

Congratulations one and all to all the Southend area Ordinariate members, of Hockley and South Benfleet which total around's just the beginning. Let's prepare to welcome the second wave!


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