Wonderful Link!

Dear Everyone on this Blessed Feast of Our Lady of the Rosary!

I have a gift for you today!

Go to the link below and you will see the solemn Crowning of Our Lady of Walsingham which took place here in Walsingham on August 15th 1954 - the Marian Year. Our Lady of Walsingham was crowned in the name of the Pope by the Apostolic Delagate Archbishop Gerald Patrick O'Hara.

You will see amazing and beautiful scenes....15,000 people attended. When the crowned statue of Our Lady of Walsingham was placed in the Slipper Chapel the two doves which had accompanied her in the Procession sat either side of her.

Mgr. Georges Tutto - the retired Hungarian Chaplain for The Church in England and Wales was present at this Crowing and he had told me the story of the Doves which he personally witnessed. I have now seen them for myself!!

Oh for the Day when England will return to Walsingham.....

Enjoy and pass it on to share...

Love and in union of prayers

Antonia from Walsingham

PS We have an Evening of Prayer at the Catholic Shrine here tonight..in honour of Our Lady of The Rosary - 7pm to 11pm - Led by Fr. Thomas Dunton of the Community of St. John

I expect you have seen this film snip someone posted on the web,of the doves alighting on Our Lady at her crowning in Walsingham. If not, the site is:



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