Evangelium Course...The run in

Dear friends, explorers and countrymen,

A few changes to the Evangelium course programme to which we, the clergy have made for various reasons: bear with us please!

The next Session will be held on Tuesday 15th March usual time and place. We have lost some ground due to this, but fear not folks, we shall continue and complete the course beyond our reception in Holy Week...this will not be a problem, so don't worry!

The Run in...

Please use this time wisely: re-read the course book, frequently attend mass. It will be a time of prayer and reflection. Remember just how much you are loved by the Lord. Cast aside all doubts and fears, all secular thoughts and worries. Put all your trust in God who is calling you. Listen to his voice... open your hearts and let him in? All will be well!

                                                      My Lord and My God!

We have been on our knees in Gethsemane, prepare then for Gabbatha: do not lose heart. Watch and pray, ignore those whose ignorance causes us such pain and grief and pray for them. Our Good Friday may come, yet the Resurrection that we will surely experience shall be a time overflowing with tears of joy, believe me!

In the Cross of Christ


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