Thank you, EXTRA Ordinary!


                            Fr Keith addresses the Southend Area Ordinariate Group at Hockley

Last night our Evangelium group welcomed our Former Bishop, Fr Keith Newton.
If any were feeling doubts or worries regarding our forthcoming journey to full communion with the Holy See, then this was the night that all fears were surely dispelled?

Fr Keith was in fine form, explaining with great clarity his new position as Ordinary of the Personal Ordinariate of Our Lady of Walsingham. Fr Keith spoke to us with extraordinary confidence and with good humour so as to put us all at ease.

                                                      The folks are hanging on every word!
                                 Fr Keith Newton with Frs Jeff Woolnough & Lee Bennett
  We shall soon be able to tap into his pastorally- charged  ministry, once again. 
  The arrival of Lent has never been so eagerly awaited.

God bless you, Father, in all that you are doing on our behalf!


Paul said…
Here here, a fabulous evening when any doubts that did exist were soon extinguished by Fr Keith.

We can now see where the strength, wisdom and guidance of our Fr Jeff comes from!!!
Thanks, Paul.

Fr Keith is such an inspiration...
I guarantee that we will all be so much happier as we look to a brighter future in the Ordinariate!

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