'Nearer and nearer draws the time...'

Those from our group who are joining the Ordnariate will need to be at Brentwood Cathedral on the First Sunday of Lent 13th March, for the Rite of Election at 4.30pm. During Lent we shall worship with the local Catholic community, every Sunday. On Holy Thursday during the Mass of the Lord's Supper, those making the profession of faith will be confirmed and received into Full Communion with the Catholic Church:This will take place at S.Teresa's, Rochford.
By next week we will know Lent mass times and where we shall be worshipping on Sunday's  for that period of time. There will be a closed meeting for those joining the Ordinariate directly after the 10.30am  Mass next week at S. Pius X, Hockley to confirm these details. We plan to go to the Cathedral on the 13th March by coach from Hockley.

                               Fr Keith Newton in good humour at a recent press conference in London.
EVANGELIUM Continues...

We hope to have the Ordinary, Fr Keith Newton with us on Tuesday 15th February 7.30pm at Kilnfield House, Hockley. Fr Keith will join us for our Evangelium session and also will be able to talk to us about our future worshipping arrangements. Please understand that this meeting is only for those who are taking part in the course...please, no reporters!

Until that time, and with the good will of The Church of England, I continue as Vicar Of Hockley, available to my people as ever and serving the whole community as its Parish Priest. With my love and prayers to you all  at this exciting, (yet anxious) time... Keep the faith!


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